Ninja Mommers 7th Day Of Christmas- 7 Great Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For

7th Day of Christmas

Hi There, I am back with my “8 Days Of Christmas“… Here is The 7th day!!

So On this 7th Day of Christmas, your true Ninja gives to you…

7 Gift Ideas for Hard To Shop For People:

  1. Everyone has the friend with expensive taste- What the heck do you get her!? Think small, but go with something luxurious like a pair of Cashmere socks, designer wallet or a cool little accessory.
  2. What about the friend you know is having a hard go at life right now in the financial department? I for one would love to see my children happy, so instead of getting me something I wouldn’t be able to use in a time of financial hardship, I would LOVE if someone covered a season of soccer, or piano lessons or ballet for my kids.
  3. “But He Has EVERYTHING!”- Does he? DOES HE REALLY? Does he own a piece of the moon? DIDNT THINK SO! Now, I am not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that you get him/her a piece of the moon, because thats just silly. However, I Would suggest thinking about what they do in their daily life that makes them happy and then add to it. Do they have a favorite coffee place? Perhaps purchase a special brew from that place.
  4. The Picky Person- We all know THAT person. The Person who complains about EVERYTHING! IF they have something you KNOW is their favorite thing- get that. Even if its a tub of ice cream- seriously, who would complain about Ice cream for Christmas.
  5. Children on your list? Best way to go if you don’t know what their current obsession is would be a gift certificate to a kid’s store. That way they can pick out whatever they want for themselves.
  6. Your Mom/Dad!? Sometimes they can be the hardest of all, they spent years getting you gifts but you have not the foggiest idea what they want. I would say go with anything hobbyish you know they enjoy- if your Mom enjoys baking, get her some stoneware. If your Dad likes building Model cars, go to your local hobby shop and buy him something to build.
  7. But, What about someone that is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, you have no idea what they like, who they are, where they are from or no idea who they even are as person. My Question to you- WHY Are you buying them anything!? If you feel the need to continue on and purchase them something my suggestion would be either a gift card to their local coffee shop or Perhaps ask someone that DOES know them…

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  1. HelloKittyNinja on December 19, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    The number one gift idea for anyone over the age of 18, no matter how picky they may be, is scratch tickets. Everyone loves the chance at more money!

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