New From Kellogg’s- Giveaway

Are you interested in what’s new from Kellogg’s? I sure hope so, because it’s totally worth being interested in! 

We got a package recently from the Kellogger’s Network, and as usual, we were so excited to open it up and get ready to share it’s contents! 

What we found inside had everyone excited! 

New From Kellogg's

New From Kelloggs

Special K Pastry Crisps- Cookies and Creme- These were delicious! They even smelled good when I opened the box. Little Man wanted some so I allowed him one bite… ONE BITE and that was it, because these tasty 100 Calorie snacks.. those are for Mommy thank you very much! They were delicious, just the right amount of chocolatey creaminess in every bite. 

Special K Pastry Crisps- Chocolatey Caramel- These snacks were my favorite by far. I am a huge fan of chocolate and caramel and I couldn’t believe that they were truly only 100 Calories! NOM NOM NOM! Such a great take and go snack!

Nutri Grain Fruit Crunch- Apple Cobbler- I loved the Apple Cobbler flavour! I could really taste the apple and it was delicious! I shared these with both Little Man and Baby girl and they were in love! These are going to be fabulous for a quick after school snack before we are off to the park!

Nutri Grain Fruit Crunch- Strawberry Parfait- Um, Yes please! Again, delicious. I shared these with the kids as well, and again… they were astounded and asked for more! These would also be great in the car as a snack while travelling!

Special K Cracker Chips- Salt & Vinegar- I have always loved the Special K Cracker Chips and I was super excited that they had my favorite chip flavour! I can’t say a bad word about these, even if I tried, because they are delicious as a crunchy salty snack to satisfy my snacking needs… without having to break my calorie budget!

Special K Chocolatey Red Berries Cereal- This is where I tell you that I can’t stop eating this! Seriously! In the morning for breakfast, munching at lunch and sometimes, I even shove my hand into the box and grab a handful just to snack on! Little Man liked it to, and my Grandma also tried it and enjoyed it! This cereal is a win, without breaking your diet!

Kellogg’s To Go- Breakfast Shakes- We had the Milk Chocolate and the Vanilla breakfast shakes. I loved the flavours and they actually kept me full for a while after drinking them! They have 10g of Protein and 5g of Fiber, so they are a great way to start your day!

Special K Protein Shakes- We tried the Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Cappuccino flavours and really quite enjoyed them! They are great when it comes to weight loss as well! These were fabulous and packed with protein.

 Now You Can Win It! 

 Kellogg’s is offering up a prize pack that contains the same things I received! Enter to win your Kellogg’s Prize Pack now! Open to Canada. Giveaway runs from Feb 20- March 3rd 2014. Open to Canada Only! Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen! 

Included In Prize Pack: 

  • 1 Box Special K Pastry Crisps- Cookies and Creme
  • 1 Box Special K Pastry Crisps- Chocolatey Caramel
  • 1 BoxNutri Grain Fruit Crunch- Apple Cobbler
  • 1 Box Nutri Grain Fruit Crunch- Strawberry Parfait
  • 1 Box Special K Cracker Chips- Salt & Vinegar
  • 1 Box Special K Chocolatey Red Berries Cereal
  • 2 Kellogg’s To Go- Breakfast Shakes- Milk Chocolate and Vanilla
  • 2 Special K Protein Shakes- Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Cappuccino


*Disclaimer: Ninja Mommers is a part of the Kellogger’s Network. All opinions are of her own and not influenced in any way*

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  1. i admit i have a love for sweets. I do sometimes crave salty too, but give me a chocolate cake any day and i’m in heaven lol

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