How Motherhood Changes Valentine’s Day and It’s Meaning

Motherhood Changes Valentine’s Day and it’s meaning. At least for me it has. 

How Motherhood Changes Valentine's Day

Motherhood has changed a lot of things about my perception in general. For the better. Today I have been sitting and reflecting upon what my views of Valentine’s Day used to be in the past vs what they are today and I must say: “My how things have changed!”

When I was younger, pre-children, Valentine’s Day meant sharing the day with a significant other, or moping around if I didn’t have one. It was flowers, and people vying for my attention and vice versa. It was who could spend more, commercialized love. It was who, out of my group of friends got the story book prince charming moment complete with roses and jewelry. It was about nonsensical crap to be honest and I knew it. 

After all that, I ended up growing to strongly dislike Valentine’s day and it’s commercialized meaning. I thought it was an entirely large bunch of sensationalized malarkey.

All that has changed since I got married and had a family, and I have to say, I like it better this way. 

How Motherhood Changes Valentine’s Day

It has Nothing to do with Money

My Children don’t care about receiving gifts of flowers or jewelry. In fact, all they want to do is have a Family Valentine’s Day. Spending time together. It’s much like every other day to be honest, but it does give us a bit of an excuse to indulge a little in sweet treats! When the Kids go to bed, the husband and I have a Valentine’s Day Date Night at home. 

We Feel Loved Every Day

Since having a family, I don’t feel that I need a specific day to remind me that I am loved. I am loved every day and so is the rest of my family. We don’t need a special day to feel the love, but we sure take advantage of it.

I Look Forward to it

The kids get excited about dressing up and decorating, so I look forward to it too. Anything that makes my kids happy, tends to make me happy. 

I Don’t want Anything

I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. Except for love, hugs and kisses. Mind you, I do love the little crafts I get from the wee ones, those just make me happy all year round though. 

I don’t need, or want, flowers or sparkly jewelry. I wouldn’t say NO to it, but I don’t need it to feel as though I am worth something. I certainly don’t place my value based on how much I receive for Valentine’s Day. I place it on how happy my kids are, every day.

Motherhood Changes Valentine’s Day, Has it Changed for you?


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