Making Separate Meals For Kids- Why M-O-M Does Not Spell Short Order Cook

Listen to me and listen to me good. I Love to cook. You’re darn right I do. I also love to cook things my family loves! HOWEVER… I am NOT a short order cook.

There is no way on the planet you will find me in the kitchen cooking: Grilled Cheese for Baby Girl, Pizza for Little Man and Steak and Potatoes for Daddy. Nope. No way. Sorry! Not in the job description.

See, if I am making dinner, then I am making dinner…. and you will eat it OR go to bed hungry.

Now, I ALSO won’t make something that I KNOW my kids have a strong dislike for if they have tried it at least once…. I will eventually try again but for a while I will exclude it from my meal plans and substitute it with something else.

I DO NOT cook separate meals

And why should I?! If I am not cooking something they have a strong dislike for, they can eat the healthy meals I provide or be hungry! They don’t have individual dietary restrictions, at all. If that were the case, it would be a different story. I strongly believe that my Children would never Starve themselves to death on purpose and so in the name of parenting and life lessons, one meal rejected isn’t going to cause permanent damage, at least not in my humble opinion. Therefore, I am not going to spend extra time I could spend with them, cooking many different meals to appease each person. Compromise and Respect. 

I love my children but last time I checked I do not work FOR them! I do not have a 3 or 4ft tall boss that can barely form sentences reprimanding me, nor do I have one that pays me or tips me or files my taxes. I work WITH them to help them grow, develop and be respectful, functioning, contributing members of society.

Do You Cook Separate Meals for Your Children? Why or Why Not?

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