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A while back we got the opportunity to share our experiences with M is for Money books 1-3 with our readers. If you remember we were quite taken with the book series and couldn’t wait for the next books to come out! Well, I am pleased to announce that the M is For Money Books 4-6 are now available for you to purchase! We couldn’t wait to get them and read them with our kids. My oldest is in love with them and the second we got them he sat down to read them. M is For Money

What is M is for Money?

M is for Money is the first 100% Canadian Kid’s book series that focuses on financial literacy. This great new 9 book series that provides Teachers and Parents with the ability to discuss money in an exciting and innovative way. 

This wonderfully informational book series follows the adventures of two twins named Tessa and Benji. The twins are learning about money in fun and creative manner that your children will love following! These books are made for kids aged 5-9.

What we Thought About M is For Money Books 4-6

When we got books 4-6, Little Man (age 7) couldn’t wait to rip into the package and read them all! In fact, he sat down right away and started on book 4. 

M is For Money Books

M is for Money books 4-6 are as amazing as the first 3. In fact, Little man couldn’t put them down until they were finished. He even spent time reading them to his little sister (4 years old). She enjoyed hearing her brother read these to her and learning about money along the way. With Books 4-6 Little man has learned What Change is, All about Loans and what they are and how to make good choices with money. 

These books are fabulous for teaching your Children Financial literacy. We all know how important it is, in this day and age to make sure our children learn the value of a dollar. 

Our Favourite Things About the Books

Little Man says: “I like how easy the books are to understand. I have learned so much about money! The pictures are cute. I also like the extras that come with the books.” 

Baby Girl says:  “I like it when my big brother reads these to me. The pictures make me smile. I like to learn about money. Tessa and Benji are brother and sister and have so many fun times.” 

I say: “The M is For Money books have provided my Children hours of entertainment in which they also learned about money. The M is for Money books are a great way to educate your children about financial literacy. Money is so important and watching my children enjoy reading, especially a series that teaches them about money in an in depth, yet easy to understand manner!” 

M is For MoneyBooks 4-6 in the series are available now in eBook, soft and hardcover format at www.MisforMoney.ca, Indigo/Chapters across Canada. They are:

M is for Money- The Little Wallet Named Pouch- What is Change? 

M is for Money- A Little Loan for Benji- I Need More Money

M is for Money- Counting Comes First- Making Chices with Our Money

Get Some Fun Stuff!

Visit the M is for Money website and you can purchase some of the fun stuff that Tessa and Benji use in the book series. We have quite enjoyed the Bookmarks, the Reward Sticky Notepads, the Birthday cards, Invitations and Play Money.  There are even colouring books, wrapping paper and so much more on the website that you can purchase for your kids to enjoy alongside Tessa and Benji! 

Talk With Our Kids About Money

It is never too early to talk with our kids about money! April 20th is “Talk with Our Kids About Money Day” so in honour of that, visit talkwithourkidsaboutmoney.com to get several free tools and resources! 

Visit M is For Money on Twitter and Pinterest to stay in the know! 

M is for Money


Disclosure: Ninjamommers was provided special perks in order to facilitate this post- All opinions are of her own and not influenced in any way.


  1. Teresa Cascioli on March 29, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    The best part of writing a book series for children on the topic of financial literacy is seeing the smiles on the faces of the child reader! This photo is priceless. It is so fantastic that he wanted to read to his sister. I got goosebumps reading your blog! Thank you for your candid and heartwarming review!
    Financially yours,
    Teresa Cascioli
    Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author

    • Ninja Mommers on March 30, 2016 at 10:01 am

      Thank you so much for your kind words Teresa! We are huge fans of your book series and we are glad that you enjoyed the post. My son is happy you loved the picture. He sure does have a big smile.
      Financially yours,
      Ninja Mommers

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