How to Plan an Awesome Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

Every parent wants to throw that memorable birthday party for their kids, we get it! We also get that sometimes money is tight. No matter how tempted you may be to go into financial debt to throw that unforgettable birthday party, stop. Just stop! Your kids will only remember the stress that you had after their birthday party when you go broke to make their dreams come true. Rather than creating a more stressful aftermath, learn to plan an awesome kids birthday party on a budget so that the party becomes something that is truly unforgettable and talked about forever in a positive light.

Truth be told, you really don’t have to go broke to throw an awesome kids birthday party, with just a little cash flow and a bit of creativity you can plan an event that is unforgettable and entertaining.  If you are looking for ways to plan the next best birthday party on a budget, then please read on to learn how to plan an awesome kids birthday party without going broke. kids birthday party on a budget

Plan Your Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

  • Plan Ahead – the best way to plan an awesome kid’s birthday party on a budget is to plan and plan far ahead of time, this will save you the most cost.
  • Forget the Venue and Host it at Home – don’t go for hosting your kids birthday party at a venue that will cost you extra funds, instead think a home birthday party in the backyard or a family room instead.
  • Use Digital Invites – in this fast paced technology driven world, there is no reason for snail mail invites, instead use digital invites and only snail mail to those who don’t have access to computers or smartphones.
  • Create a Simple Menu – regardless of the age of your kids, a simple menu plan is all that is needed. Think of finger foods and options you can make in bulk from scratch with less cost involved.
  • Borrow Tables & Chairs – talk to friends and family members; see if you can’t collect enough tables and chairs within the family to borrow for the birthday party as opposed to renting these items.
  • Kid Crafts Décor – instead of buying all of the frivolous party favors and décor that will only be tossed away, enlist your kids to start making various crafts décor, this will save you money and make the birthday party look more personal.
  • Shop Dollar Stores – if you feel the need to purchase goodie bag items or other décor, eating utensils, etc. then shop at dollar stores, there are inexpensive party favor options at dollar stores that will suit just fine for your kids birthday party.

The key to planning an awesome kids birthday party on a budget is to think outside of the box, get in touch with your creative side and enlist the extended family members to help make this the most unforgettable birthday party yet!

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