Healthy Easter Basket Ideas- 10 Great Ideas for This Easter

When the Easter bunny comes, he usually leaves a trail of sweet treats behind him. After all, he even poops jelly beans no? Using these Easter tips to building a healthy Easter basket for your little ones, can be a great idea. 

Healthy Easter Baskets

Every year, I make sure that the Easter Bunny gets the NOT TOO MUCH SUGAR Memo. In all reality, when candy is brought into this house, it gets shoved into the back of the top cupboard to be forgotten. So we opt for healthy easter baskets! That way we will actually use the stuff in them! 

We prefer to opt for a few treats and then other things we can actually use and enjoy, and the kids don’t even notice the lack of candy.

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Chocolate Covered Fruit

Strawberries or Bananas are our favorites. We usually make them up and then put them in cute little cellophane bags before we place them in the baskets. The kids LOVE these as chocolate covered fruit is their favourite treat!

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a great idea in an Easter Basket! You can even get super cool flavors for Easter! 

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

We love doing art on our driveway so sidewalk chalk is a great easter basket idea! We usually get a huge package and split it up between the kids. Lots of colours!


We love to get small toy cars and use them to fill those little plastic eggs. In fact, sometimes they are in the eggs we use for the easter egg hunt. The kids love it! 


Art Supplies

We love doing crafts in this house, so adding in things like Crayons, Markers, Glue Sticks is a great idea. This gives us some awesome stuff to make crafts later in the afternoon! 


Putting books in your Easter Basket is a great way to encourage your little one to read! You can use the afternoon to read as a family! rabbit-428323_1280

Stuffed Animals

We like to include new stuffed animals for our little ones to love, then we have a tea party with them. 


Puzzles are fun to include in Easter baskets! Get spring themed ones, after all spring is on it’s way.



We love to blow bubbles outside, so naturally including bubbles in our Easter Basket is a given! The kids love them.


Stickers are always a great idea. You can choose Easter themed ones, or any kind really! 

Does your Easter Bunny Bring Healthy Easter Baskets?

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