Great Ways to Make a Trip To Canada’s Wonderland Even Better!

Canada's Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland was a blast for my family. While we were visiting, I took note of a few things that would make anyone’s Canada’s Wonderland trip a little easier on both your patience and your excitement factors!

Fast Lane and Fast Lane Pro

Fast Lane and Fast Lane Pro would be beneficial to all Canada’s Wonderland visitors. There are many benefits to having Fast Lane and can help to make your visit easier! With Fast Lane you can spend less time in line and more time exploring the park. We did not have Fast Lane when we went on our visit to Wonderland, but I can see the benefit for sure! Having Fast Lane would have significantly decreased the amount of time we spent waiting in line and increased the time we spent enjoying our visit and going on rides. I would recommend Fast Lane to anyone visiting Canada’s Wonderland! 

Season Passes

Once you visit Canada’s Wonderland once, you will want to go again and again. This is where the season passes would come in handy! Season Passes would be amazing as our Children have been asking to go back every single day since the first time we went last week. There are also many benefits to Season Pass holders, so check it out today! 

Online Advance Tickets

You can also save on your Canada’s Wonderland ticket purchases by buying them online through the Canada’s Wonderland website. If you are planning a trip to Canada’s Wonderland a few days in advance you can save money on your tickets! 

I would highly recommend a visit to Canada’s Wonderland! If you are planning a visit any time soon I would strongly recommend looking into the Fast Lane and Season Passes, especially if you want to explore every part of the park! Visit the Canada’s Wonderland Website to learn more! 

*Disclosure: NinjaMommers has recieved special perks in order to compile this review. All opinions are of NinjaMommers and her family’s own and are not influenced in any way.*

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