A 5 Year Old’s Take on Marriage- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday

Funny Kids QuotesHere we are again! It’s Friday, so I have yet another funny quote for you to enjoy. Little man has surprised us again with his take on marriage and what he thinks it means for your social life. 

He made me laugh with this one. Big time.

My cousin recently got married to a wonderful lady and I just recently got to see the wedding video they had made up. I think I watched the video three times! It was so amazing! I was a little jealous and wishing Hubby and I had something like that done for our wedding. It wasn’t the traditional wedding video, instead it was a bunch of the highlights of the wedding from different angles and played to music.. In fact, that doesn’t even do it justice. It was so well done. 

Either way, I was in awe and wanted to show Hubby as soon as he got home. The kids watched in awe as I showed them the amazing video. When the video was over, Hubby and I were talking about how well done the video was and how we wished we had something like that to remember our day by! 

Little Man looked at me just then and asked: “Mom is “T” married?” 

I looked shocked at him, because he had met my cousin’s wife “V” at my grandmas house not too long ago! 

So I said: “Yes, “T” got married a while ago…” 

That is when Little Man looked at me and said:

“Oh No Mommy! That means “T” won’t be able to hang out with anyone ever again! I am going to miss him so much!” 

Um, Pardon? YOU JUST SAW “T” A WHILE AGO! And since when does being married mean you can’t hang out with anyone?!

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