Funny Kids Quotes- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday

Funny Kids Quotes

Ok, so it’s been a while. Yes, but I promise we are back with our Little Man’s Funny Quotes Friday! Funny kids quotes always make me laugh and Since Little Man turned 5, he has come up with some pretty hilarious material.

Being that children have a way with words and an amazing sense of joyous, innocence, I always like to listen really well to the things that they have to say. A lot of the times, they are super cute or really funny. I have no idea where Little Man gets some of these things, but they always end up making me cry I am laughing so hard. He must have his Mother’s sense of humor.

Recently it was Little Man’s Birthday and he got some pretty amazing stuff from his friends and family, For his Birthday, Little Man got some toys that transformed and needed help learning how to transition them from one object to another. Whilst daddy was trying to show him, I came downstairs and daddy asked me to help and went to hand me the instructions because he was having a hard time. I said, “Oh daddy, I don’t need the instructions, I used to play with the kinds of toys all the time.” He said: “Ok, but I am telling you, it’s hard”


About 2 minuets later, I had the thing totally transitioned, without instructions.

When Daddy expressed how impressed he was with my amazing abilities, Little Man looked at Daddy and said:


“Wow Daddy, Mommy is AWESOME, LOOK what she did! I guess you couldn’t do it because you are old and rusty.”


Daddy looked at me in disbelief that Little Man had said something so out of the blue and slightly insulting. I was too busy laughing to say or do anything else.

Yeah Daddy, THAT.


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