Funny Kids Quotes- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday!

Funny Kids QuotesWelcome Back To the place where you can find Funny Kids Quotes with Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday! We love to share our funny kids quotes with you and hope that you enjoy reading them. Children have such a funny little outlook on life and they are so innocent that it can turn into quite the funny read. Little Man makes me laugh all the time with the silly things that he comes up with, and his perspective on things can be pretty close to correct. In fact, so close it surprises me sometimes.

This week Little Man made me laugh with his definition of a job…. We have been discussing people having jobs lately and how they have to go to work. Daddy has been working a lot lately so we have been trying to explain to him why people need to work and have jobs. He has seemed to grasp the concept rather well, which surprised me for his age.

“I have a job just like Daddy ya know Mommy, My job is Mister Big Brother, It’s Hard Work, How much will you pay me?”

Good Luck Little Man. Mister Big Brother doesn’t sound like a very high paying job.


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