Funny Kids Quotes- Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday!

Funny Kids QuotesHi There? Want some Funny Kids Quotes? Welcome Back To Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday!

This week Little Man made me laugh with his views traffic. We were driving down a busy highway, ok less driving, more waiting for traffic to move. We ended up at a stand still with Little Man in the backseat. He is usually pretty good in the car so we were ok and actually having fun and picking out the certain makes and models of cars surrounding us. Everything got kind of quiet as we settled in to wait for traffic to start moving. That is when all of a sudden out of NOWHERE Little Man burst out with something that not only broke the silence but made us both laugh:

“Mommy! The highway is for driving not parking, why are we parked?! THIS IS NOT A PARKING LOT! Silly Peoples!”

Yes, Little Man “Peoples” are indeed quite silly. I am will give you that He was also right, highways aren’t for parking, they are for driving and quite frankly I would prefer if they stayed that way.


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