Food is Fuel…. And It Makes ME Tired.

I have noticed that the majority of my day is taken up with Feeding People.. be it Tiny People such as Little Man or Baby Girl or Big People Like Husband/Daddy and Animals… such as Reya… Seriously.

I wake up in the morning and Little Man wants his cereal, Baby girl wants her bottle and Reya wants her food too. So I get that all on the go, While I am warming up the bottle I prepare Little Man’s Cereal and feed the dog. Then I feed Baby Girl, Which usually takes about 30-40 mins with burps. After that, I let the doggie out to piddle… (Which at that time I still haven’t gotten to do myself). Rinse the bottle, Clean Little Man’s Bowl and Spoon and proceed to start the kettle for my tea (since my coffee maker is broken and tea is my only caffienated option.) I finally get to the bathroom, mix my tea and go to sit down and Little Man wants a snack… SERIOUSLY. So, I cut up an apple, wash some raspberries and blueberries and pour some milk… I bring that out to Little Man.. and…. you got it… Baby Girl Wakes up and demands I feed her immediatly before she parishes… so back to warming up the bottle and a 40 Minuet feeding… THEN ITS LUNCH TIME FOR LITTLE MAN…. I think you get the drift, so there is no point in me writing out my entire daily schedule. Baby Girl eats a bottle every 3 hours regardless of how long it took her to ingest her food and Little Man constantly wants to munch on something… Yes, they are all healthy snacks and he LOVES it… Too much!

I find it funny that the majority of my day is spent feeding my children and might I add the end of the day when the Dog wants her dinner and the husband saunters in the door expecting to be fed as well… PEOPLE SERIOUSLY STOP EATING! I swear I want to tell everyone that the Kitchen is broken… Either that or the chef is!

I have come to 2 conclusions today..

1. My Children are heffers


2. Bedtime is Blissful… and quiet… and no more kitchen for me… I have grown to HATE the kitchen.


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  1. Deanna T. on November 18, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Oh, I so understand! A year ago I wrote a post where I figured out that I was actually spending eight hours out of my day (no exaggeration!) in serving and preparing food. It does get a little better as they get older, but still ridiculous.

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