Food Basics I Want it All Video Contest – What Does Having it All Mean to You? #IWantItAll #FoodBasics

When you have children your views sometimes change. Your priorities adjust and your thought process grows to include your little ones. Most everything you do, is influenced by what is best for your children and their well being.

What Does “Having it all” Mean to You? 

Before you had children, if someone asked you what “Having it all” means to you, what would your response have been? Mine would have been centered around wealth, freedom and fancy belongings. You know, the material stuff that doesn’t really matter.

After your Children were born did your definition of “Having it all” change? Mine sure did. To me, having it all now means, love, snuggles, kisses, enough financial freedom to take care of my children and involve them in extra curricular activities, create memories and lots of laughs. Most of what having it all means to me, is focused around what makes my children happy, because my children’s happiness is what makes me happy. 

What would you do with an extra $150 in your pocket?

If you came into an extra $150 what would you do with it to get closer to having it all? Would you take your children to soccer? Use it to put towards a trip as a family? 

If I came into an extra $150 I would use it to put towards a family trip. Creating memories is so beneficial to your family for many reasons. Happy memories to look back on with my family is more valuable than anything else to me! So I would certainly use any extra funds to work on creating long lasting memories with my kids.

Food Basics

Food Basics “I Want it All Event” 

Visit in store after June 2nd and when you enter the contest online with the in-store pin code the grand prizes are free groceries for a year (awarded at $10,000 in Food Basics gift cards)​

Film, upload, share and win!

From May 19th-June 29th People visited the Food Basics Video Contest Site for a chance to win 1 of 6 prizes $1,000 in Food Basics gift cards! Go check out the awesome videos! 

In-store teams will walk around with cameras to ask customers what “I want it all” means to them for additional chances to win.

Here’s My Video…

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