What to Eat at Canada’s Wonderland! #CWTHRILLS

Our visit to Canada’s Wonderland was amazing! So much fun. We totally LOVE Canada’s Wonderland.

There are so many places inside the park to go and enjoy a meal or some delicious snacks. We explored some of them and were quite happy with our experiences.

We started our day at “Candy Apple”. Which was a glorious array of sugary treats. The kids were just enthralled and quite excited they were allowed sugar so early in the morning. There was so much to choose from and the treats tasted amazing! Little Man had a Candy Apple and Baby Girl had a sucker.

Canada's Wonderland

After a few hours of rides and excitement at Planet Snoopy, we all decided we were hungry for lunch, so we headed to “The Marketplace Buffet” to enjoy little man’s Birthday lunch. The Marketplace Buffet was fabulous. We choose a quiet booth in the back and made our way around to explore the many food options. Little Man chose some Pizza and Tacos and Baby Girl had some pasta and pizza. They loved it! I ate a little bit of everything and so did everyone else. The food was delicious.

Canada's Wonderland

Just some of the choices at Marketplace Buffet

Taco Station– At the taco station, you can build your own hard shell taco with all the toppings! They had all kinds of different stuff to choose from.

Pizza Station– There were several different types of pizza to choose from and they were so fresh!

Pasta– At the pasta station there were two different types of pasta and a tray of meatballs!  They also had a vegetarian pasta, which I quite enjoyed.. topped with the yummy meatballs of course.

Salad– If you want a nice fresh salad you can choose from different lettuce types, add your own fresh toppings and select a dressing of your choice. The lettuce was crisp and the toppings were fresh. Made for an awesome side dish to my pasta.

Fun Extras– There were fresh buns, steamed vegetables and chicken fingers and fries as well. These were so good and fresh.

Dessert Options– The Dessert options were so yummy! We tried everything and loved it… even the Jell-O!

We also really liked the self serve drink options. There were so many different beverages to choose from.

We had a delicious lunch at The Marketplace Buffet.

After hours more of fun, we just had to end our day with Funnel Cake! A visit to Canada’s Wonderland would not be complete without Funnel Cake. We went to Fightertown Funnel Cake! They had the traditional strawberry, vanilla and icing sugar topped funnel Cake and an amazing red velvet funnel cake topped with vanilla soft serve and Nutella! Naturally we had to get both! There were a few other tasty sounding options as well.

Canada's Wonderland

Eating at Canada’s Wonderland was amazing! We certainly enjoyed our dining experience and will be certain to visit next time we are at the park.

*Disclosure: NinjaMommers has received special perks in order to compile this review. All opinions are of NinjaMommers and her family’s own and are not influenced in any way.*


  1. Sara Trojaniello on July 16, 2014 at 5:09 am

    Wow! This is sure a Wonderland!!!

  2. nikki robak on July 18, 2014 at 10:37 am

    candy apple sounds good to me

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