Disney’s The Jungle Book On Blu-Ray!

the jungle book on Blu Ray

The Jungle book on Blu-Ray is now available for you to enjoy! Disney has opened the vault to release this classic (for the first time ever) on Blu-Ray, DVD combo pack! 

One of our favorite Disney movies is the Jungle Book. In fact, I can still recall almost every word to every catchy song featured in this fantastic movie! The kids, husband and I, sat down to enjoy this wonderful move on blu-ray and we were not disappointed. Little man and baby girl were dancing around the living room. Baby girl loved Baloo so much that almost every time he appeared on the screen, she squealed with delight. 

The diamond edition is full of amazing new and special features that can be enjoyed by the entire family! 

If you remember and loved the Jungle book as a child, you will be so impressed with how beautiful it looks on Blu-Ray. If you have never seen Disney’s The Jungle Book yet, hurry and get your copy today! You and your family will not be disappointed. 

Who Are Your Favorite Characters? 

Baby Girl LOVES Baloo and Little Man thought that King Louie was the most hilarious character he has ever seen. Hubby got a kick out of Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy and Dizzy and I LOVE Colonel Hathi! 

 What’s Your Favorite Song?

My entire family really enjoyed “I Wan’na Be Like You!” It’s such a cute little song. We also really enjoyed the “Bare-Necessities” and the cute little dance that Baloo does to go with it. 

No matter your age, Disney’s the Jungle Book on Blu-Ray is a great purchase and a must watch! My family certainly enjoyed it!

What is Your Favorite Disney Movie?  

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