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Have you tried Digits in a box? Well you should! Check out why we think Digits in a Box from PlaSmart will make an awesome stocking stuffer this year!

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 We love PlaSmart as you can tell. This year we got to feature many different PlaSmart products in our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! Which is super fantastically awesome if you ask me! 

One of the products that we got to try was Digits in a Box! Can I just say? Please stick this in your wee ones stocking. It’s just an amazing stocking stuffer! 

Digits in a box

Why Digits in a Box is an Amazing Stocking Stuffer

We like Digits in a box for many different reasons. Let’s start by saying that it just blew my mind! Why? Because! Fun, that’s why. 

PlaSmart’s Digits in a box really encourages you to think outside the box! You can spill and mix up the digits included. (10 Digits are included with Digits in a box). There are also well over 4,000 different ways that you can put the digits back in the box. NOW THAT IS THINKING. The recommended age for Digits in a Box is 8 and up, but Little man and I had a lot of fun playing with this and he’s only 6. I think it all depends on your child! You know what’s best! 

We had a lot of fun trying all the different combinations together! 

Why we LOVE Digits in a Box

We love this as a stocking stuffer because we were able to spend great time as family and engage our minds! What better exercise than to exercise your mind! Happy Holidays! 

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Disclaimer- The above opinions expressed are honest and of my own, not influenced in anyway. NinjaMommers received the above product to be included in the Holiday Gift Guide. 

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