Creative Date Night Ideas – Sick of the Same Old Same Old?

Want a creative date night? Forget the traditional dinner and a movie date night, it’s time to get creative and enjoy a date like no other. These creative date ideas should leave you laughing, smiling and shaking your head all the while making long lasting memories with your partner.

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Creative Date Night Ideas

  • Look for Photobooths – spend a night or day at a huge mall, walk around holding hands looking for photo booths. When you find one, hop in and snack some photos. Do the same at each location, making funny faces together!
  • Take a Mini Road Trip – hop in the car and just drive without a destination. Rock out to your favorite music or engage in fun conversations about sights you see along the road. Shut off your cell phones and just enjoy each other’s company.
  • Make Crazy Pizzas – go to your local grocery store; pick up some off the wall topping options for homemade pizza. When you get back home, create your own crazy pizza together or better yet, each of you create a crazy pizza for the other and see what happens!
  • Sing Karaoke – get all dressed up and head out to sing karaoke together at your local bar & lounge. Most places have a weekly karaoke night, take advantage of it for some fun memory making moments together.
  • Get Silly – create a challenge where you both take part in competing in games that each other like; foosball, eating contest, Pac-man, whatever. Each creates three games you enjoy and have fun laughing while you compete to see who can be the best in each game!
  • Go on a Boat Tour – if you live near a lake or ocean, there may be a boat tour that occurs regularly. Plan a boat tour date where you both get ready to go set sail with a sailor and enjoy the views along the lake or ocean tour.
  • Visit Antique Shops – make a map of antique shops within driving distance of your home, if you’ve been together long enough, you could purchase items from each shop that remind you of your partner and see who does best in “knowing the other” with the items they bought.

If all else fails, you can brainstorm some creative date ideas of your own, try to do something different. When you take the time to enjoy some creative date ideas you increase the connection with your partner and in turn, start to show more appreciation and love towards one another.

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