Children Lose Their Mittens – The Best Way to Solve The Lost Mittens Crisis

Children lose their Mittens. My son and daughter who are 7 and 4, both lose their mitts about as much as I lose my marbles about them losing losing their mittens. I think we have gone through enough mittens in this house to build a small country. We shall call this country “LostMittstainia“. 
I think what I am trying to say, is that I needed a solution to the Lost Mittens Crisis of 2016 and I needed one FAST! The amount of money I was contributing to the build of the small country of “LostMittstainia” was becoming concerning. Ok, so more than concerning, it was becoming frustrating. I was starting to believe I would have to take out a loan just to keep my Children’s hands warm through the winter. 
I asked for a solution and boy did I get one! My solution? Smart Mitts! I got my 4 year old daughter a pair of these awesome Smart Mitts and not only was I excited but so was she! She couldn’t wait to get them on. 
Children lose their mitts
Smart Mitts are the answer to the lost mittens crisis! The only answer I need.  

About Smart Mitts

Smart Mitts are made of high quality material and are fully insulated to protect little hands from the cold. These awesome Mitts are also equipped with a stretchy back band that offers maximum flexibility and comfort for your child. The band helps to keep mittens from running away! 

What We Love About Smart Mitts


Smart Mitts come in a variety of colours and sizes to choose from. These mitts can match with your winter outerwear quite nicely. Boy or Girl, Smart Mitts will match your style and comfort. My daughter loves the Black Smart Mitts with the Pink Band and the Pink Stripe.


My daughter loves how comfortable these Smart Mitts are. She doesn’t really even notice the flexible band because they fit so well.  


These mittens are lined with such a wonderful lining and are also waterproof. The Mittens go further up the arm than most traditional mittens and so they prevent snow from getting into the sleeve and freezing little wrists. 

Stay in Place

Smart Mitts stay in place rather nicely while your Child is wearing them. They don’t fall off because they tuck nicely into the sleeve of my daughter’s coat. The best part? Once they are on she can’t take them off until we get home and take her jacket off. PERFECT. No more walking to or from school stops with me battling to get her mittens back on. 

No More Lost Mittens

Waking up on a school morning to find only one mitt, and not be able to find it’s partner… is a thing of the past now that we have Smart Mitts. Both mittens are always right there and ready for my daughter to put on. When my daughter takes off her coat, the mittens stay inside the coat and so they don’t get lost at school either. 

The Price

Hear me out here. Smart Mitts start at $31.99 CDN for a pair. You may think to yourself, “Hmmm… I can get mittens for way cheaper at my closest big box store…” I am here to tell you, you may be able to get just regular old mittens for cheap, but with Smart Mitts, you are investing your money wisely. My personal experience shows that I have already SAVED money by having Smart Mitts. How you ask? Well, I have already spent over $80 on Mittens this year before I got Smart Mitts because my Children have lost over 8 pairs. Since Smart Mitts came into our lives, There have been NO MORE LOST MITTS! This saves me money and time and frustration and it’s MORE than worth it to me. 

Children lose their mittens 1

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Do your Children Lose Their Mittens?

* Disclosure: Ninja Mommers was provided product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are of Ninjamommers’ own and not influenced in any way.*

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