Canada’s Wonderland Review- What we Loved About Wonderland #CWTHRILLS

Canada’s Wonderland has a lot of amazing things to offer. We experienced many different things!

Planet Snoopy was so awesome! The kids went on a lot of different rides and they loved every single one.


LIttle Man & Baby Girl’s Top Picks:

Snoopy vs Red Baron, Snoopy’s Space Race, Woodstock Whirlybirds, and Peanuts 500


Little Man and I braved the Ghoster Coaster together with Aunt Allie and Uncle Chris. I don’t think that Little Man expected it to be so intense, even though I warned him. What does Mom know right? It was a great ride for a “first” roller coaster! The expression on Little Man’s face when we went down the hill was PRICELESS! 

Either way we got to experience it together and what a blast it was! I loved sharing that with Little Man, and he keeps asking to go back with me! I can not wait to go back and take him on some more awesome rides!

We headed to splash works in the afternoon to cool off. Our first stop was the wave pool. The kids both required life jackets and I loved that they had some stands with colour coded life jackets hung on them. The stands made it easy to find their sizes right off the bat!


When we were finished in the wave pool we played on the park they had for the kids. Daddy had a lot of fun running around with the kids. We then went to the area in splash works for the smaller children and went down some water slides together and played on the splash pad. Uncle Chris and Aunt Allie went on the Lazy River while we took the Littles to the water slides, they really enjoyed it! They also braved a few of the bigger water slides, and went on the black hole! They loved it so much.Aunt

Uncle Chris and Aunt Allie also went on a bunch of the big intense rides!

Our Favorite Roller Coasters and Thrill Rides:

Flight Deck, Psyclone, Sledge Hammer, Behemoth, Mighty Canadian Minebuster and the Ghoster Coaster!

All In all we had a great time doing everything we did at Canada’s Wonderland and we can not wait to go back and do more! 

Have You Been to Canada’s Wonderland? What are Your Favourite Rides?

*Disclosure: NinjaMommers has received special perks in order to compile this review. All opinions are of NinjaMommers and her family’s own and are not influenced in any way.*

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