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Bedtime Routines

Since the day my Little ones were born they have both had bedtime routines. It is, in my eyes at least, vital to establish good and solid bedtime routines in order to ensure that bedtime is as stress free and happy as possible.

Bedtime Routines are said to be a great way to help establish healthy sleep patterns in children of all ages and I have found that to be true all around with our children.

There are many different routines, and finding what works for you and your family is the most important. Not every routine for every family looks exactly the same. You have to work with what is within your comfort zone and find what works best for your children.


Bedtime Routines- Tips For Making Bedtime Stress Free

  • Ensure that your Child has a set bedtime and you rarely stray from that time.
  • Give your child time to relax and wind down for a bit before bedtime
  • Make it important to establish a reliable bedtime routine
  • Create a very comfortable sleep environment
  • Do not engage in battle or arguments about bedtime. Explain that bedtime is in fact bedtime and follow through with your routine
  • Provide an object as soon as they are old enough, for your child to cuddle at bedtime

Our Bedtime Routines 

When They Were Babies:

Our routine has changed for each child as they got older in very minimal ways. When they were babies (Up until they no longer needed feeding before bed) our routine looked something like this for both of them:

1. Bath, Brush Teeth

2. Lotion

3. Pajamas, Diaper Change, Swaddle

4. Story (at feeding time)

5. Sing them a special song (we use the same song every night) during burping

6. Snuggles, Hugs and Kisses, Tell them we love them

7. Lay them in bed awake with a CD playing softly and Quietly exit the room


Toddler and Up:

Now that they both no longer require a feeding directly at bedtime, (Baby Girl is 2 years old and Little Man is 5) our routine looks like this:

1. Potty

2. Bath and Brush Teeth

3. Lotion (Little man can apply his own now)

4. Pajamas

5. Story

6. Sing their special song (same one as when they were babies, and they now sing along)

7. Snuggles, Hugs and Kisses, Make sure they are in bed

8. Turn on CD and Quietly exit the room


See how similar the routines are to when they were babies? I am proud to say that it is very seldom that my children leave their beds once they are tucked in as they know that once all that is done, bedtime is bedtime. They know what to expect due to the routine so they don’t even question it.

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Do you have any Bedtime Routines for your Little Ones? Any Tips to Make Bedtime Stress-free? Share them Here! 


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