Back to School Recipes and What to Stream This September

It’s Back to school time again! Can you believe that school is already in full swing? Us either! I don’t know where the time has gone. It does go too fast sometimes. 
School can be a busy time, new routines, new school year… new new new. With all the new, we need some of our old favourites. This month we are really enjoying streaming our Disney faves! We snuggle in with our fave snacks and get all comfy to watch together. The family who streams together stays together I say. 
It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. September marks the start of a new school year, the start of earlier bedtimes and the inevitable start of new routines. So while you’re busy packing lunches and helping with homework Monday to Friday, don’t forget to carve out some quality time on the weekend to connect and bond as a family.

Settling in with popcorn, blankets and comfy PJs — the regimen for family movie night has become second nature. Freshen up your family’s routine and get the kids excited about your next movie night at home. With the ever-growing family catalogue on Netflix, paired with any of the easy themed recommendations below, your next movie night will be getting a five star rating!

Dress the part. 

It’s time to adorn your favourite tiara, just like Tiana who graces the screen in The Princess and The Frog. You could also sail right into family movie night wearing a red bandana like Captain Jack Sparrow!

Play it up.

Squash any antsy pants during the show with this Netflix family movie night bingo game. It’s easy to use – just print a card for each family member and try to spot the things or actions which commonly happen in movies (i.e. shopping, crying, magic, etc). Mark off your squares and the first one to get “BINGO” (a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line), wins! You can also create your own show specific bingo card using the blank template.  

Set the scene.

Gather all your stuffed animals and huddle in to watch Zootopia on September 20th with every furry friend living under your roof. Or, string lights across your living room to recreate the magical lantern scene in Tangled

Snack it Up! 
Use some of these awesome recipes from Netflix to inspire your next Netflix and snack time…. or these are great for those times you have to snack and go. 
Back to School Back to School

Yum am I right? Yes. These are some great fun to try out with the family. 

Disney Collection Spotlight

A collection of Disney classics first hit Netflix Canada a year ago, and this list is still growing today with 2015-2016 movies hitting the service less than a year after their theatrical debut! Try introducing one of these incredible films during your next family movie night.


458a832f-edfe-4cde-b90b-e191b7a42324PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE



65795178-44a6-4bcd-be0c-b162dd83bc66THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG 

0353fb39-e8ec-47b8-bfa3-a8a36cd85c5cTREASURE PLANET 


811a2392-1687-4e12-9243-c3aced03fcccCOOL RUNNINGS 

fb38919b-cf55-4d15-852a-3b7440b24c9cPIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END  

What are You Streaming For Back to School?


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