Baby on the Move

Careful! Baby on the move! I have always heard that while your children are progressing from babies to toddlers you can’t wait for them to start walking and talking… every little movement is amazing to you and every little word is the most adorable word that you have ever heard. I agree with that statement. However, I have also heard that you spend all that time waiting for them to walk and talk and soon after all you want those little bundles of joy to do is sit down and shut up. ¬†I also concur with that statement. That is not to say that I don’t ever want my children to talk or move, because I quite enjoy their funny little conversations and statements, and love playing with them and chasing them….. but once in a while….. ¬†Silence would be nice. It would also be nice to leave the room without coming back to find my one year old daughter practically up the Christmas tree like a cat.

Since Baby girl has started walking she has terrorized the household! From pulling all the DVD’s off the shelf, to banging cars against the TV screen, climbing the Christmas tree and trying to ride the dog like a pony… she certainly is on the move and reminds me frequently that she that she has no intention of slowing down. Yes, I know… considering I have a 4 year old, you’d think that I would be used to this. Alas, I am not. Little man was never like that. EVER. He was totally, completely and 100% happy with just playing with his toys… he seemingly had little to no interest in anything that wasn’t his toys. Where as Baby Girl seemingly has no interest in anything but cords, wires, DVD’s and anything else she shouldn’t touch…. AND SHE’S MESSY! She makes a giant mess everywhere she goes… even on her face when she’s eating! I’ve heard people say that every child is different, heck I have told people that myself… and now I realize just how true that is.

Baby Girl is going and going and going and has no intention of stopping…. I can see that. Let’s just hope she can leave the tree alone until after Christmas, considering half the ornaments are already gone from half of the tree and a string of lights is mysteriously no longer working…. I mean… look at that devious smile… You just KNOW she’s plotting something.

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