20 DIY Autumn Wreath Ideas for You to Make

Here we are in the throws of Autumn and I have been seeing so many cute DIY Autumn Ideas. I think one of my favorite things is a great looking fall themed wreath! Autumn Wreaths can bring fall to your home in a beautiful way.

Autumn Wreaths

One of the most beautiful things about Autumn is all the colours that start to present themselves! I love going for walks in the fall and checking out all the leaves falling from the trees and the beautiful blanket they create across people’s lawns. 

I love that you can use some beautiful Autumn Wreaths to decorate your door! It just feels so welcoming to have a beautiful Autumn Wreath greeting you as you walk through the door. It’s almost like you expect the inside of the house to smell like Pumpkin spice or warm apple cider. 

I am happy to share these wonderful and beautiful Autumn Wreaths with you, they have inspired me so much this season!

20 Autumn Wreath Ideas

1. It’s Always Autumn – Fall Leaf Wreath 
2. Frugal Mom Eh – Thanksgiving Wreath 
3. The Nerd’s Wife – Fall Mesh Poly Deco Wreath 
4. Lil Luna – Candy Corn Wreath 
5. I Heart Naptime – A Perfect Fall Wreath 
6. Tried and True Blog – Halloween Skull Wreath 
7. This Girl’s Life Blog – Easy Fall Hand Print Wreath 
8. This Silly Girl’s Life – Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath 
9. A Pumpkin and a Princess – Purple & Mustard Yellow Fall Wreath 
10. Craftulate – Spooky Eye Halloween Wreath
11. Uncommon Designs – Glittered Fall Leaves Wreath 
12. Delineate Your Dwelling – Green Beaded Wreath 
13. Tried and True Blog – Animal Eyes Halloween Wreath 
14. That’s What Che Said – Fall Turkey Wreath 
15. This Silly Girl’s Life – Fall Fabric Wreath 
16. Uncommon Designs Online – Fall Wheat and Burlap Wreath 
17. 17 Apart – DIY Autumn Wreath from Recycled Grocery Bags
18. Shaken Together Life – Gold Tipped Cork Leaf Wreath 
19. A Bird and a Bean – Fall Wreath
20. Overstuffed Life – Tulle Halloween Wreath 

Have you ever made an Autumn Wreath?

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