Ninja Mommers’ 4th Day Of Christmas- 4 Great Finishing Touches For Your Christmas Decorating

4th Day of Christmas

Well, here we are again. Its getting closer to Christmas and you are having company over for dinner! You look around, your tree is decorated, your windows have lights strung up. But you feel like you are missing something. What is it? I’m here to tell you how to finish up your Christmas Decorating to bring more Christmas spirit into your home…

So, On the 4th Day Of Christmas Your True Ninja Gives To You….

4 Great Tips To Put The Finishing Touches On Your Christmas Decor!


1. Centerpieces

One way to Jazz up any table is with a Centerpiece! Over Christmas you can easily construct your own that matches with any theme or colour scheme you have chosen to use throughout the house. A few ideas that I love are using a large vase and filling it with your favorite ornaments and put it in the center of the table, it’s easy to do and keeps all the decorations very fluid. I also love the idea of a large vase with a pillar candle in it surrounded by a wreath of “holly” placed atop a large square or circular mirror, this adds light and a festive look to any table during the Christmas season!

2. Wreathes

A beautiful Wreath dresses up every front door. They are easy to find and purchase at pretty much every store this time of year. You can also fashion your own using household items like a wire clothes hanger wrapping a garland around it and sticking decorations on it to your tastes. Be creative, what you might think will turn out weird might pleasantly surprise you.

3. Christmas Place Settings

Set your table with some beautiful Christmas dinnerware. If you have only plain white plates and don’t feel like going out to the store you can easily jazz up the place settings with little Christmas Tree Cutouts you can make yourself out of Construction paper placing one on top of each plate. You can even reuse them as place cards by writing your Guests name on them. Use Holiday Napkins and anything you can think of to make each place setting Christmasy… just don’t go overboard.

4. Air Fresheners

Believe it or not, smell can be part of your decor. Some yummy apple cinnamon scented candles or air fresheners can bring that Christmasy feeling up a notch. Just don’t over do it to the point of not being able to breathe.




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