When my Husband Cooks

My Husband cooks. My husband is an amazing cook. I mean, the food he creates is phenomenal. I am such a lucky lady that my Husband not only excels at cooking, but he also loves to create amazing dishes. 

I never have to force him into the kitchen to create wonderful meals because he just loves to do it! In fact, he doesn’t just like making any old dinner, he goes all out creating everything from scratch making amazing and complex dishes. I should be celebrating right? I am. Kind of. I mean, lucky me, my husband cooks.

You see, when he is in the kitchen creating all these insanely intricate dishes, he leaves a trail. You heard me, a trail. Now, some people are going to say to me: “Hey at least he is a good cook”, “Stop complaining, you’re lucky he cooks”, “At least he helps…” and maybe even call me some rude names that start with the letter B and end with the sound itch… but I am just going to go out on a limb here and explain myself a little. If I risk being called names that rhyme with stitch, then so be it. 

While my husband is in the kitchen creating his foodie masterpieces, he is also creating something else. Something that drives me insane… a mess. I am not just talking about a few dishes here and there. I am talking about a sink full of dishes, dishes all over the counter, food on the floor, the counters covered in sauce of some kind, the top of the oven covered in food particles… it looks like he got into a fight with the kitchen and the kitchen won. 

I also love to cook! When I cook however, I do the dishes as I go along. Cleaning, drying, putting away. I wipe down counters while things cook, I do any dishes that could end up having a stuck on mess. By the time I am done cooking, all that is really left is the vessels I used to cook and the plates and utensils we eat off. 

Now, I know everyone does things differently. There is a reason behind my complaints… 

We have a rule in our house. The rule? I DO THE DISHES and clean the kitchen every single time, no matter if I cook, or he cooks. Our kitchen is not big enough for me to follow him around while he cooks and clean up after him, so when I am done eating the wonderful food he makes, it takes me 2 hours to clean the kitchen. We also don’t have a dishwasher… and I am not one to just leave the dishes or the kitchen a mess. 

He can’t help but make a mess everywhere he goes. The bedroom floor looks the same after he gets dressed… so I shouldn’t be surprised. If he can’t find the laundry hamper, how do I expect him to find the dish cloth? 

If I want to save time in the kitchen the best way to do that is to cook myself. 

Does your Husband Cook? If he does, is there a mess after?



  1. Ann on January 7, 2016 at 11:31 am

    My husband doesn’t cook, as a rule, but when he decides to make something, he uses twice as many bowls/measuring cups/spoons/etc than is really needed. So not only do I *get* to clean up the dishes, I get to clean up twice as many than if I made it myself. Frustrating, but at least he’s good at soaking things… lol.

  2. Sara on January 11, 2016 at 3:41 am

    It goes the same way in my house. I find the “help” is usually not very helpful. 🙁 My husband also uses every dish in the house to cook and leaves it. While “watching” our children this evening so that I could lay down for a bit (I am not feeling well), it would appear that the children did whatever they wanted. A trail of messes left all over. The living room scattered with game pieces, my glasses in their Fort, water all over the bathroom floor, and I wake to them fighting to get downstairs and into bed at almost 9pm when he has to leave for work and they should have been to bed by 8 for school. While I really do appreciate the time to rest and feel better, it hardly seems worth it sometimes. Sigh

  3. Sarah on January 11, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    I can totally relate. My husband enjoys cooking and I enjoy eating his food. However, it is hardly worth the tornado left behind for me to clean. Even if he offers to clean, his process is to clean after dinner. However, seeing the mess while trying to enjoy dinner gives me heartburn.

  4. Darlene S. on January 12, 2016 at 10:32 am

    I got lucky! My husband does all the cooking, he does all the dishes, he cleans up when he’s done… that being said… how big does that laundry hamper need to be? or how close to the spot they change their clothes at? .. before they’ll put’em in it… after 15 years, I’m still tryin to figure this one out.

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