Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday!

The Things Kids say in public can be astounding, and embarrassing.

Things Kids Say

Welcome back to “Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday!” I am so happy to see you here! This week has just flown by as time usually does when you have children.. and of course Little Man has provided me with a plethora of interesting and Funny things that are publish worthy. 

We had decided to go for a walk as we have been kind of cooped up lately. I love going for walks with Little Man because it’s fun to watch him discover the world. 

I asked little man if he wanted to go to the park, and he had decided that what he wanted to do, was take a long walk to the store. Of course, in my mind, this means that he wants to go get candy. I told him that he could lead the way instead and we could go on an adventure. He was ok with that, so we set out on our awesome adventure. 

He lead us in some pretty amazing directions, and we actually ended up discovering a new park that we had no idea even existed. Which is awesome, because the one that we knew of is always infested with jerky teenagers acting like ding bats. 

We played at the new park for a bit and then decided to walk home. That’s what it happened….

Oh The Things Kids Say

Kids don’t come with a censor and they certainly speak their minds! We were walking down the street when a rather heavy man with a large stomach strolled on by.


Little Man looked at me and said:

“Mommy, Man hasin a baby too!”

Now, he said this rather loudly and I couldn’t bring myself to look behind us to see if the man had heard him. I had to suppress my laughter. Whoops.

Oh the things kids say… 

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  1. *snicker* Kids. They *DO* say the darndest things. Found you through the We Are Canadian blog hop and I’m happy to follow your adventures!

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