Limited Edition Mabels Labels Stocking Stuffer Combo!

The Limited Edition Mabels Labels Stocking Stuffer Combo is back!

Mabels Labels Stocking Stuffer Combo


Mabels Labels Stocking Stuffer Combo! 

We love Mabels Labels in this house. With Christmas coming quickly we are stocking up. Especially on our Stocking Stuffer Combos!

These awesome Little stocking stuffers include 6 sets for $30. What a great price to fill 6 stockings! You can even give these out as party favours. Include them with another gift as an awesome personalized, thoughtful add-on! We love getting these as gifts. We also LOVE giving them.

With the Mabel’s labels Stocking stuffer combo, you can choose from seven different limited edition designs. You can even mix and match them!

There are six sets included in each stocking stuffer combo. This means you can use them to stuff 6 different stockings! I love that you can do that.

Each Mabels Labels Stocking Stuffer Combo set includes 5 sticky labels and 1 bag tag. What Value! 

The Mabel’s Labels sticky labels are microwave and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about putting them on your favorite containers! These are great for lunches. We use sticky labels for everything.

The Mabel’s labels bag tags are UV resistant and waterproof, so they won’t fade in the sun or get ruined in the rain.You can put them on your favorite bag and not worry about them getting wrecked! We use Bag Tags for the kids’ backpacks. The Bag Tags hold up well. The weather doesn’t ruin them.

We love our Mabel’s Labels stocking stuffer combos! They are an amazing addition to everyone’s christmas presents! The Mabels Labels Stocking Stuffer Combos are an easy way to spice up any gift. 

These are available only until Dec. 31st, so get yours today and start stuffing some stockings with Mabels Labels

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