12 Comedy Titles on Netflix to Share with Your Kids! #StreamTeam

We Love to Watch Comedy Titles on Netflix! It’s one of our favorite things to do as a family!  Netflix has always been a great source of entertainment for us! We are loyal Netflixians… Or is it Netflixers? I don’t know. All I know is that WE LOVE IT! 

Comedy Titles on Netflix

We love Netflix so much and snuggling in on the couch with popcorn is so great! We have a few Must Watch Comedy Titles on Netflix that we enjoy frequently. 

Baby Girl, Little Man, and I have enjoyed Despicable Me, time and time again! We LOVE the Minions and always find ourselves laughing so hard at their antics. Gru is also pretty hilarious, and the girls just make us roar. What a fantastic movie. I don’t think we will stop watching it anytime soon. Despicable Me has turned into a Family Fave!

Little Man’s Favourite Comedy Title on Netflix is Mr. Popper’s Penguins! We sat down today with Hot Chocolate in fact, and watched it all together! There is nothing better than getting a good laugh in with Family! Jim Carrey has always had me in stitches. Little Man and Baby Girl love watching the Penguins misbehave! Many a time they have wanted to build a winter wonderland in our house… but we will just keep that all outside thank you very much! 

When Little Man is at school, Baby girl really enjoys watching Horrid Henry. He is quite Horrid. The show is funny, and actually keeps me pretty amused too. I am always interested to see what kind of trouble Henry is going to get himself into. 

WE LOVE to stream Comedy Titles on Netflix! 

12 Comedy Titles on Netflix to Share with Your Kids

Big Kids


Little Kids 


What are your Favourite Comedy Titles on Netflix to Share with Your Kids?

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