Teen Years- Listen More and Talk Less

Teen Years

For centuries teen years have been one of the most challenging years for all parents in the universe. It’s that ripe old age where the little child you once knew turns into a completely different person. The arguments start and eye rolling commences. “Whatever” being the only word they seem to know. Teen years quite…

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How to Keep Teens Entertained and Making Good Decisions

Teenagers, that rough year of adolescence where your child no longer thinks heading to the local zoo is a fun pass time. With the arrival of the teen years comes a new challenge of parenthood. It’s challenging to keep teens entertained. Most parents want to make sure they have a teenager who is making good…

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Tips for Raising Teenagers

Raising Teens

The dreaded teen years. The age of peer pressure, body changes and a new force within that pushes your child towards a strong sense of independence. Raising teens is the second most difficult stage in parenthood, comparable  only to the toddler years. As a parent to a teenager you will start to notice a trend…

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How Raising a Teen is like Raising a Toddler

Your child has grown, the toddler days are in the rear view mirror or so you thought. Welcome to the teen years where you will think those toddler years were pure bliss; hormones, adolescence, coming of age, you know all that stuff you went through? Well now you are the parent in this scenario and…

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