5 Reasons Arguing With Toddlers is Futile

Is there even a point to arguing with Toddlers? Have you ever tried arguing with a 3 ft tall drunk leprechaun? Arguing with toddlers

If you have tried to argue with an over tired toddler, then the answer is essentially yes. Yes, you have tried to argue with a drunk leprechaun. 

I have in fact, compared an exhausted toddler to a drunk leprechaun before. I stand by that comparison. Especially since I have had two of them throughout the years. 

Arguing with Toddlers is futile. I promise you. 

5 Reasons Arguing with Toddlers is Futile 

1. Linda, Linda… Listen… 

This pretty much sums it up.. in a nutshell.

2. They Tune You Out

Toddlers hear you start to argue and they either argue back or completely tune you out. Even the dirt is more interesting than what you have to say at this point. 

 3. Toddlers are Unreasonable 

There is no reasoning with a tired 2 year old. There isn’t. They are just the most unreasonable people on the face of the planet! It’s very comparable to trying to nail pudding to a tree to be honest. If you expect a 2 year old to have a reasonable debate about the benefits of wearing mittens when it’s freezing outside, then you are as bad as the pudding. 

 4.  They Win 

If you engage your Toddler in an argument, you have allowed them to win and they know it! Engaging a toddler in an argument is opening the flood gates for many more different battles that you will most certainly want to avoid.


You’re the parent! Do you really think it’s beneficial to argue with some snot nosed little monster (I mean, beautiful angel) that JUST learned how to talk!? No. It’s NOT beneficial. Arguing with Toddlers is ridiculous. You must not forget, you are the parent! What you say goes. 


Have you ever argued with your Toddler? 

25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Arguing With Toddlers is Futile”

  1. Great post. I think it is important to pick your battles with your toddler. Remember they don’t know how to communicate properly and get frustrated easily. I learned that giving them choices whenever possible helps so that I am not constantly saying “no” to my child.

  2. I have “argued” with MANY toddlers trying to reason with them and often getting nowhere. (Former day care leader and toddler teacher) I totally agree that it is futile and they should be re-directed and given choices within limits and rules. Great article!

  3. YES! Arguing with a toddler is pointless. They don’t have the reasoning ability to come to a conclusion that will stop the fighting. They fixate on the issue and they can’t see a reasonable way around it. You have to help teach them reasoning, not argue because they can’t understand your point cause they really do tune you out because they are so fixated on what they want.

  4. My husband came home one night to hear me arguing through the bathroom window with my then 1.5 and 3 year girls to get out of the tub…………it was 5th time asking nicely, couldn’t they hear me????!!!! He came upstairs and calmly said, “Who is the adult here? Why are you arguing with toddlers? Pick them up and remove them from the tub!”……………Wow, was he right! It was so much easier to see it through his eyes for some reason. 12 years later we have our oopsie baby boy who is now 2 and I remember that lesson VERY well.

  5. haha! You are so right! They always win.. well most of the time. I have learned I have to try harder in putting my foot down to my almost 3 year old. She is so stubborn.

  6. Ha… After three kids, I know how hard it is to argue with a kid. HA! I have never had any luck at it 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

  7. I hate arguing with my toddler, but YES he is being a little argumentative stinker lately! He does not want to go to bed!

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