16 Moms Share Their Favourite Me Time Indulgences

Me time? Many of you may be asking… “What the heck is that?” I hear ya sister. If you honestly don’t know what me time is, and you aren’t just being a smarty pants like me, I will explain. Me time is when you get time to yourself. Ok, stop laughing Mom, I am SERIOUS. 

Me time indulgences

I have talked about the Importance of Me time in the past, and have given plenty of tips on how to utilize your me time. Now, I am showing you how a few other mom’s spend THEIR Me time.. because it IS possible to get it. I promise you. 

Moms Share Their Me Time Indulgences

I asked 16 Moms how they choose to spend their me time, and their responses were great! These are 16 Moms Favourite Me time Indulgences.

“Dinner with friends, a pedicure, or a nap!” –Family, Food and Travel

“Reading a good book in a warm bubble bath” – Tales of Mommyhood 

“A tall glass of wine with my favorite shows once the kids are in bed.” – The Mommy Mix

“Gym time! Or having some wine with my girlfriends.” – Canadian Beauty Blog

After my son goes to bed I love to sit down to a little snack that I don’t have to share and The Walking Dead” –The Bewitchin Kitchen

“A good book, a comfy chair, and a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine.“- The Koala Mom

“Binge watching a cheesy Teenage show on Netflix while attending a Twitter party!!” –One Heart One Family

“My favorite me-time indulgence is getting tattooed!” –The Modern Mommy

Either a pedicure OR a simple cup of coffee, the sun and a magazine!”- Multi Testing Mommy

Hanging out on my couch after my little ones have (finally) gone down to sleep and watching garbage TV with some form of junk food!” –Reese Speaks

Shopping alone is my me-time and that rarely happens” –Mommy Pinks

“A long run with a friend. Lots of time to chat without being interrupted, get fresh air, sun, and exercise.” – Country Fit Family

“Sitting on my verandah having tea with a friend.”  – Mommy Moment

Wine and a good book.”- yyz bambina

Bubble Bath and a good book.”- Raising My Boys

Watching an uninterrupted full 2 hour episode of Bachelor or Bachelorette (bonus, if it’s Bachelor in Paradise) OR a netflix tv series binge fest – again for 2 hours straight – while cuddled up under a fuzzy blanket drinking tea and dipping gluten-free crackers into a nice warm bowl of my fave artichoke dip. Sigh. I think I’m going to do that now. (Please note – I don’t actually get to do this normally, or without interruption even late at night, because my little one still wakes up thru the night and I’m a sucker for tears. Also – I’m guilted into finally sitting down at the computer and working instead).” –Baby Stylista

This is how 16 Moms spend their Me Time. What are your favourite Me time Indulgences? 

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