Summer Camp for Kids – The Pros and Cons

Summer Camp for Kids

Ah, the joys of summer camp. Many parents have mixed feelings about sending their kids off to enjoy time away without parental guidance. Sure most of these summer programs have counselors that watch over and keep your kids safe during daily activities and learning events, but there’s something unsettling for some parents about sending their…

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10 Top Reasons Teachers SUCK – or do They?

Teachers SUCK

You see, teachers suck. They really do. I mean, aren’t they terrible people? Who in their right mind would agree to spend all day with your unruly, snot nosed little sh– I mean angels? There MUST be something wrong with teachers. If your child has been sent to the office, it CAN’T be because your…

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How to Help Your Family to Cut Down on Screen time

Screen time

In this day and age, setting limits on screen time and sticking to them, can be one of the biggest challenges parents face. Not only are our children becoming more enthralled with screens, but we, as parents have a hard time keeping our own media habits and mobile use in check. It is important that…

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide Showcase #NMHoliday

Christmas is fast approaching and sometimes we need just a little nudge to find the perfect gift for the ones on your list. Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Showcase will display wonderful gift ideas all in one awesome and easy place… right at your fingertips. Get your 2017 Christmas Shopping done Ninja Style!  GIFTS FOR…

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Netflix Birthdays on Demand


Both my kids have birthdays within months of each other. In fact, I am luckier than some, my neices birthdays are days apart. Which means planning and more planning. I have always felt so stressed when birthdays came around as I want to try to do too much every single time.   As parents, we all…

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