Relieve your Child’s Cold Symptoms- 5 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Better

It’s time time of year. Stuffy noses, coughing, sneezing. When your little one is sick with a cold, the first thing on your mind is how you are going to relieve your child’s cold symptoms. 

Relieve Your Child's Cold Symptoms

Finding relief can be confusing. There are so many different things that are suggested and of course there is no cure for the common cold! There are a few ways to relieve your child’s cold symptoms, however, relieve is the operative word as it won’t CURE your child’s cold completely. 

We have found a few things that have always worked for us, everyone is different though, so what works for my children may not work to relieve your child’s cold symptoms. It is worth a shot though, no one wants to see their child suffer. 

5 Ways to Relieve your Child’s Cold Symptoms

1. Cool Mist Humidifier 

When our little ones are sick, we always have a cool mist humidifier running in the house. The moist air helps to loosen congestion and the white noise from the machine running actually helps to calm them down and relax them at bedtime. 

2. Fluids

We all know that fluids are important when it comes to our kids being sick. Freezies, Popsicles, water. These all help to get fluids into your little one. My littles always feel like they are getting a treat when they are allowed a freezie or a Popsicle, so it can also help to improve their spirits. 

3. Rest

Make sure that your child is getting enough rest. That doesn’t mean that they have to sleep all day (unless they want to.) Encourage your child to get the rest and relaxation he/she needs by building a fort that you can see the TV from. This way, your child isn’t laying on the boring old couch, but they are still getting some rest. 

4. Bath and Pajamas

This may seem obvious, but a nice warm bath and clean jammies can make all the difference when your little one doesn’t feel well. In fact, this works for me too! Let your child cuddle with all their bedtime gear, comfort is key. 

5. LOTS of Snuggles

Cuddle up with your little one. The household duties can wait. If you are able to spend the day snuggled with your little one, watching movies, then do it. You will both benefit. 

What do you do to relieve your child’s cold symptoms?


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  1. Michelle on March 3, 2015 at 9:19 am

    ‘Tis the season, isn’t it. Thanks for the tips – I will have to try them out!

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