The Nerf N-Strike MEGA Twinshock Blaster #NMHoliday #Giveaway

Holiday shopping can seem so difficult sometimes. What do you buy that little boy or girl on your list that seemingly has everything? Well, folks I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. You see, with the Nerf N-Strike Mega Twinshock blaster, you can make Christmas gift giving an absolute BLAST!

We are a family of Nerf LOVERS. In fact, there have been many a year that we have geared up to increase our collection of Nerf toys and accessories! Having Nerf battles is a great way to spend time together as a family. When my husband saw the Nerf N-Stroke MEGA Twinshock blaster, he just KNEW he had to have it. That’s right I said, my husband. My grown man husband. Needed. a. Nerf. Blaster. SO, we got one. Yes, we did. WE TOTALLY GOT ONE and we LOVE IT! When both the kids caught a glimpse of this my 9 year old son did a happy dance and my 6 year old daughter went off in search of her NERF mask. It was time to battle!


Nerf MEGA Twinshock Blaster

Get ready to strike with this powerful pump-action blaster. Unleash two darts all at once with HASBRO’s Nerf N-Strike MEGA Twinshock blaster! Battlers can perfect their strategy for each battle with three different ways to blast ahead. Unleash all darts as fast as you can with slam fire action or fire one at a time. Double blast can get your firing two darts at once! The Nerf MEGA holds up to 10 Nerf Mega darts that can reach up to 85 feet. Now that’s a blaster.

What We LOVE About The Nerf MEGA Twinshock Blaster

As I said above we are huge fans of everything Nerf. In fact, we were super excited to play with it. 

3 Different Ways to Blast

We are huge fans of the fact that this blaster allows you to choose from 3 different methods to fire. It is really neat that we can choose to either fire 10, 2 or 1 dart at a time depending on the need/intensity of the battle. There is the rapid slam fire action that lets you blast all 10 darts off as fast as you can. Double blast allows you to fire 2 darts at once, which comes in handy when you don’t want to completely empty your arsenal but also need a more intense attack. You can also choose to fire one off at a time, which is great for those lower key battle times. 

Great Way to Spend Time as a Family

I really enjoy engaging in Nerf battles with my family. It allows us to get active and enjoy together. Sometimes we choose teams, sometimes it’s every person for themselves but no matter what we choose it’s always a BLAST!

Great Fit

The Nerf MEGA Twinshock Blaster was a great fit for our family as all of us can use it with ease. The recommended age is 8 and up, but my 6-year-old daughter was able to use it no problem. We are going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Learn more about the Nerf MEGA Twinshock Blaster HERE


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87 thoughts on “The Nerf N-Strike MEGA Twinshock Blaster #NMHoliday #Giveaway”

  1. Both my boys (and probably my husband) would absolutely love this Nerf gun. They are always looking for ways to get an edge up on eachother during our Nerf battles. Ten at once may help even the odds for my 9year old!

  2. I would love to win this for my nephew. He is in his teens but he just loves to play with my kids and I really appreciate that from him.

  3. Florence Cochrane

    My grandson would love to see the Nerf MEGA twinshock blaster under the tree this year. He loves the fun that Nerf products provide.

  4. All my sons would love the Nerf Mega Twinshock Blaster. They love having Nerf Battles and the different firing methods would really be fun.

  5. I think my niece would love the Nerf MEGA twinshock blaster so she can have fun trying to get me or her mom. This thing sounds like a lot of fun for both outdoors and indoors!

  6. Stephanie LaPlante

    My little cousins would absolutely love this probably because they can shoot each other. It’s like playing tag with accessories.

  7. My home is where all the kids come to. This would be such great entertainment for them. They can get wild and I have to get them out of the house.

  8. My grandson would love this because he has seen them in the stores and is constantly asking for one! I’m sure he’d love to shoot up our place!

  9. My granddaughter would love the Nerf MEGA twinshock blaster it would be so much fun! Playing in the backyard with the whole family, makes for great family time!

  10. Alicia Boisvert-Rutter

    If I could give this to anyone it would be my youngest son. His daddy has gifted him a small nerf and has nerf wars with him. Its very special, his daddy works 6 days a week if not 7 due to running his company. I love how they engage and play like boys do together it’s a beautiful bond to watch. I would love to win this and encourage more of their fun together and have then enjoy laughter and play together. It would be an excellent Christmas gift, fingers crossed!

  11. This would be on my list because I love Nerf products! To heck with the kids….lol! I’m just a big kid at heart and would get a big kick out of shooting it. However in all honesty I would give it to my gf’s grandson. He already has some Nerf products and would be so happy and grateful to get this as a gift.

  12. We’ve bought nerf before so when we do we bujy more then one so that the friends have one to use as well. Emily loves nerf and so do I

  13. I think Sophie would love one because all her friends have them and she has been asking for one to join in on the fun.

  14. My hubby would love the Nerf MEGA twinshock blaster. He has a collection of nerf guns that he pulls out when the nieces and nephews come over for a visit.

    – Amber Y

  15. There are two in my house that would love this. The Nerf battles in our house are epic so this would be the perfect prize for us and perhaps give me the advantage for the next battle.

  16. This would definitely be on my son’s list. We love nerf in our house and we have family fights with Nerf. This would bring the family Nerf nights to a whole new level.

  17. My 10 year old son would love this Nerf gun, he’s crazy for Nerf guns and loves to have Nerf wars with his buddies.

  18. i would think my godson would love this. his friends usually go nuts when one of them in their group gets one as a pressie

  19. MY son has a pretty good collection of Nerf guns. This one is super awesome and I know he’d love it. Thanks for the chance!

  20. I would like to win this for my grandson — he would have a BLAST playing with this. Nerf Guns are always a great gift idea.

  21. The gift would be intended for my three year old son but for some reason I think Daddy would have his share with it too. haha He is such a kid at heart when it comes to certain things.

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