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Hey Everyone! Once Again, I have teamed up with the wonderful people at Mabel’s Lables To bring you an awesome Giveaway.. and this time a Review as well! Yahoo!

I couldn’t wait to receive the Review Products in the Mail! I got the Opportunity to test out some really fantastic Shoe Labels. The One’s For Little Man were so bright and Cute! In fact, HE even loved the way they looked.. because of course they had a picture of a Race Car on them. Little Man was almost as excited as I was to get to use these and he immediately helped me apply them to all his shoes and boots. Little Man then became label happy and insisted on helping me apply the labels for baby girl to all her bottles. Baby Girl’s Labels were brightly coloured as well and just cute as pie. They had a picture of a little cupcake on them and I couldn’t be more pleased at how cute they looked on her bottles! When I visited their website I was shocked at how many designs and different types of Labels they had. I WILL be returning to their website frequently. Especially once Little Man has to go to school!

Little Man, Baby girl and I have been going for walks every single day and his Shoe Labels have not become faded, worn or unstuck from the surface of his shoe! In fact I was shocked to see that even after walking in the melting snow, and Little Man jumping in puddle (Typical boy!) the labels STILL managed to stay in tact and just as bright as ever. And of course, I use Baby Girls Bottles every single day and wash and sterilize them in the microwave… they still remain stuck to the surface of the bottle, the have not started to peel or even fade.. its actually quite miraculous! No more lost shoes, or mixed up bottles for this family… I am going to start labeling everything in my house… pregnancy brain is STILL causing me issues with memory even though I am not pregnant anymore.. and I believe these labels may just solve that.

The Bottom line? I LOVE Mabel’s Labels! And I would bet my left buttcheek that you will too…

About Mabel’s Labels:

Mabel's Labels www.mabel.caMabel’s Labels Moms are moms who were frustrated by the amount of stuff that left our houses, never to return. After lots of research and testing we created the perfect labels for the stuff kids lose.

Our sticky labels and clothing labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe, and customized with a childs name, choice of colours and icon. We also offer child safety products and household labels.

We continuously create innovative labels for babies, kids and grown-ups. You’ll be amazed at what you can label!

Mabel’s Labels is offering a Colourful Sticky Labels Gift Certificate (Approx $21 Value)

Just like their Classic Sticky Labels, Their Multi-Colored or Solid Labels are fantastic for toys, bottles, dishes and more, providing that famous Mabels Labels durability in an exciting look!

They are available in over 40 different designs. They are Dishwasher and Microwave safe. UV resistant and Peel and Stick!

Check out our amazing savings with our Mabels Labels Coupons and SAVE on your Mabels Labels Purchases today!

Mabel's Labels - Labels for the stuff kids lose!

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