Long Winters- Hibernating is Not Just for Bears

The title says it all. LONG WINTERS and Hibernating is NOT just for bears. SERIOUSLY. Where I live it has started snowing and then some… it’s cold and I honestly do NOT think that this house has been “Sickie” free for more than a week in over 2 months. No, I am NOT joking. I can’t remember who got sick first… I can’t remember what it was…. BUT I have been dealing with dirty snotty tissues, crying, whining and moping for what feels like an eternity now. If it’s not Baby Girl, It’s Little Man. If it’s not Little Man, it’s Daddy and occasionally even this Ninja can’t evade sick and has somehow contracted some mutated form of either Strep throat or Mono and NOTHING has been confirmed. I have spent the last week trying to parent through clenched teeth while trying not to drool everywhere because swallowing my own saliva is nothing short of excruciating…. and NOW… JUST as I am getting over it…. Baby Girl can’t breathe through her nose and is having an awful time trying to sleep and in turn… recovering Mommy isn’t fairing well either.

I can’t help but think: “When is something going to give?” Yes, I get it… I have kids, and a young man that just started school…. but seriously… we live in a small town of less than 1,400 people… HOW IN THE WORLD ARE WE SICK ALL THE TIME!?

I am starting to think we may just all hibernate inside, and never go see the light of day… we may become bears, or vampires… or whatever may become of us… but at LEAST we wouldn’t get sick!


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