Halloween Cupcakes- Chocolate Stuffed Mummy

Halloween Cupcakes

I love to make these cute little guys for Little Man and Baby Girl on Halloween! They are really a lot of fun and super easy to make! 

Just use your favourite Chocolate Cake recipe, I usually use the one from the Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Icing that we make, and just use a different icing. We love that recipe for the cake as it’s amazing, and instead of stuffing the cupcake with your favorite chocolate treat, why not use a different kind? For our Halloween Cupcakes, we like to use just about any treat inside!  

The Kids and I had fun making these, and they were a real treat for the neighbors as well! 

We used peanut butter filled candy for the eyes, but if you have a nut allergy you can use a different option. The possibilities are endless! Not only do these end up tasting great, but they also look so darn cute and who can argue with a cupcake? Ever? 

MummyCUpcakesHow to Make Cupcake Mummies

Once you have selected the cake recipe you are going to use, you then need to pick an icing, White Icing is best as it stands out very well in contrast to the dark colour of the Chocolate Cupcake. 

Once you have your icing chosen, use a piping bag with the flat tip, or snip a corner off a resealable bag and put icing inside.

Place Eyes on the Cupcake and then Pipe Icing on, starting at the edge of the cupcake making a pattern from edge to edge until the cupcake is covered. 

Use a little icing to make black icing, or use an edible marker to draw on a mouth and eye balls! VOILA! They are done, and they are so super easy to make! 

What are Your Favourite Kind of Halloween Cupcakes?

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  1. Brandee H on October 10, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    These are so clever!!

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