Give the Gift of Creativity This Year with Crayola #Giveaway

This Holiday Season, you can give the gift of Creativity to the Children on your list with Crayola! Our family loves Crayola! In fact, we have been creating with Crayola for as long as I can remember. Now Crayola has some exciting new products out just in time for the Holidays and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

Crayola Crayon Carver 

Ages 6+

The Crayola Crayon Carver is super cool! Little man, Baby Girl and I have had so much fun personalizing our own Crayons. It’s just so easy to do. In fact, you can personalize an entire set of crayons to give as a gift! OR you can use the Crayon Carver to make party favours. The possibilities are really quite endless. Little man and Baby Girl and I created some messages in crayons for each other. I have also found this was a great way to have different sets of crayons, now we know which ones are Baby Girls and which ones are Little Man’s and that totally eliminated the fighting. 

Crayola Holiday

What Comes With The Crayon Carver

The Crayon Carver comes with all 26 Letters from A-Z, PLUS it comes with super cute special icons to total 40 Tiles you can use to customize your Crayons. 16 Crayons and a specialized wrapper ripper. 

The Crayola Crayon Carver would be an amazing gift this Holiday Season! 

Watch the Crayola Crayon Carver Demo to see how it’s used! 

Holiday Embelish

Crayola Cling Creator

Ages 8+

Ok. So. WE LOVE THIS. Seriously! The Crayola Cling Creator is just super fantastic. It’s super fun to use and super easy to make these wonderful clings. The kids and I just can’t get enough. The process is really fast too, it only takes 15 minuets to create a pretty darn awesome cling. The colours that come with the set are awesome and we love the molds too! If you want to create your old mold though, you can, using the clay provided to make your own unique creation. The kids love that they can make their own awesome creation to decorate their windows, lockers and so much more. The ages say 8+ so I have been using it with the kids and doing the processes but they get to select all the colours and their molds. Their windows look great! 

Crayola Holiday

What Comes with the Cling Creator

The Cling Creator comes with 5 different double sided molds, as well as 3 Tubes of Solution A, 6 tubes of Solution B, A Roller, Molding Tool, Clay and Molding Pots.

Give the Gift Of Creativity With the Crayola Cling Creator this Holiday Season! 

Visit the Crayola Cling Creator Demo to see it in action. 

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Crayola Easy Animation Studio

Ages 8+

The Crayola Easy Animation Studio is an absolute dream! Have you ever wanted to create your own animated videos? I know I have always dreamed of this from the second I started watching and understanding animation. The Crayola Easy Animation Studio has made it possible for you and your little to create fun animated characters and videos in a snap using your devices. Little man chose to create a pirate and Baby Girl wanted a Fairy so we set out animating our creations. We love that you can choose from 10 different characters and colour them in using any crayola colouring tools. The app will then create your characters using your colours! Not only can you create the characters, but you can also create the backgrounds. You can even take photos of your home, your classroom, pictures you have drawn.. anything to create your own awesome background to your animated video. 

Crayola Holiday

What Comes with The Crayola Animation Studio

The Crayola Animation studio comes with a Mannequin that you can pose, a stand for the Mannequin, a 30 page booklet to design in, 12 Twistables Coloured Pencils and a stand for your device. 

Create Wonderful Animated Scenes with The Crayola Animation Studio this Holiday Season! 

Watch the Crayola Animation Studio Demo to learn more.

Holiday Embelish

Crayola Thread Wrapper

Ages 8+ 

The Crayola Thread Wrapper is just so cool. I would have loved to have this as a kid! Can I just go back to being 8 please? Baby Girl and Little man have loved wrapping up their accessories! Anything you want to wrap, up to 1.15 inches in diameter is at your disposal. We wrapped some sunglasses, some of Little Man’s pencils for at school, and Baby Girl’s Hair Brush. I kind of wanted to wrap my stuff too, but I will leave it for the kids. For now. We had so much fun with this. 

Crayola Holiday

What’s Included with the Crayola Thread Wrapper

The Crayola Thread Wrapper comes with an attachment for Re-Threading. It also comes with six different spools of thread. It also comes with a Fabric Marker and two empty bobbins. 

Give the Gift of Fun with the Crayola Thread Wrapper over the Holidays! 

See How this works with the Crayola Thread Wrapper Demo.

Holiday Embelish

Color Wonder Mess Free Light Up Stamper

The Color Wonder Mess Free Light up Stamper is phenomenal. What Parent DOESN’T love something with “Mess-Free” in the title? I can’t tell you any. Baby Girl loved that the stamper knew what colour ink pad she was using, the handle would light up to that colour. She was all ooohs and ahhhhs. Baby Girl loved the under water themed stamps, and completely adored how easy it was for her to change them herself. I love that this has storage for the stampers! It makes it easy to clean up and we aren’t searching for missing pieces. The hours spend creating with this, were fabulous! The inks don’t show up at all unless using the special paper, so there are no messes or scrubbing if accidents happen.

Crayola Holiday

What The Color Wonder Mess Free Light up Stamper Includes

The Color Wonder Mess Free Light up Stamper includes a 12-Page Drawing Pad, 3 Markers and 10 Ocean Themed Stamps for your little ones to enjoy. 

Give the Gift of Mess Free Creations this year! 

See the Demo of the Colour Wonder Mess Free Light up Stamper

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You can enter to win a Crayola Crayon Carver and a Crayola Easy Animation Studio. Open to Canada Only (Excl. Quebec) All Entries will be verified.

Disclosure: Ninjamommers was provided these products in order to faciliate a review. All opinions are of her own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I would gift the Crayola Easy Animation Studio to my son. He enjoys making up characters and learning about animation. I think he’d really get into this.

  2. I would love to give The Crayons Easy Animation Studio to my nephew. I think he would spend a lot of time creating with it!

  3. I’d give the Crayola Crayon Carver to my young niece because she is quite the artist and loves carving and sculpting.

  4. I would gift the Crayola Crayon Carver to my daughters because they would love to personalize crayons for themselves and their friends.

  5. I have a niece that just loves to draw and make beautiful crafts. Her playroom is decorated with all of her artwork. I would love to give The Color Wonder Mess Free Light up Stamper.

  6. Rosanne Robinson

    I would love to give the Crayola Easy Animation Studio to my grandson because he is creative and it would develop his imagination.

  7. Valerie Mallette

    I would gift the Crayola Easy Animation Studio to my sister because I know she would enjoy hours of fun playing with it.

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