First Christmas Concerts- One Proud Mommy

Little Man had one of his first Christmas concerts at school this year. He was too funny! I was super excited because it was his first concert and I couldn’t wait to see him perform.

My Little Man has NEVER been shy in his life. He loves talking to people and just enjoys meeting people. I have to be honest though, I thought he might be a tad nervous in front of all those parents and students. When he came out on stage I knew right away that he wasn’t nervous at all… in fact… he started singing before anyone else did and had to stop and wait. Did that embarrass him? Not one bit.

I laughed my bum off trying to video tape this concert. It was just to funny to me! He wasn’t supposed to make himself the center of attention, but he sure did. He danced, he sang and he had a grand old time.

The kids sang “Good things come in little packages” and Little Man is the one in the center wearing the plaid shirt… although it’s hard to miss him since he decided to be right up front. It was super amazing and I was so proud of him. He makes me laugh, he has quite the sense of humor… that’s my boy.

He’s a lot like me!

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