Families Have Evolved-New Family Titles to Stream on @Netflix_Ca #StreamTeam

Families these days are starting to look less and less like the cookie cutter families of the past and that’s ok! 

We all have our differences and that’s something that we can embrace! 

Family is really what you make it, it doesn’t matter if there are two dads, two moms or parents are together or apart, a family just that. A Family! 

Now you can celebrate the awesomeness that is family with Netflix and some awesome things you can stream this month! 

Grace and Frankie, Netflix’s new funny and fearless original comedy featuring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, is a perfect example of how today’s families can shift, rearrange and blend in unexpected ways. When Grace and Frankie’s husbands leave them after 40 years of marriage—to be with each other—the women find themselves facing a change they never expected. They shift their perspective to get through it together, with the support of their new blended family and, of course, a sense of humour. For an exclusive sneak peek, check out the trailer below.

What is it about your modern family that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world? Or for a little twist, ask your kids what they think makes your family special. Have them share with you a fun family story or favourite memory, then share it with us. Brownie points for sharing any fun, interpretive family portrait artwork. If you need a little inspiration, take a look at a few fictional families in the list below to show your kids that family is what you make it.

Family is What You Make It
For your little kids: 

For your big kids:

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman
2. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
3. Despicable Me
4. Kung Fu Panda
5. Full House
6. Yours Mine and Ours

For teens and Adults

New on Netflix for Kids and Families 

Remember, family is what you make it! Enjoy some great shows on Netflix with yours. 

What have you been streaming on Netflix?

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