Mess Free Colouring

Crayola Mess Free Colouring- Fall in Love with Color Wonder #Giveaway

Crayola Mess free colouring! Such an amazing idea, one parents can take comfort in. Gone are the days of worrying about your walls, and your furniture… at least when your children are making Color Wonder masterpieces. 

Mess Free Colouring

My family loves creating wonderful works of art. We take great pleasure in sitting down together and drawing, colouring and spending time as a family. I strongly believe facilitating your Child’s creativity is very important to their development and heck colouring for me can be a HUGE stress reliever. I always find that when I am getting frustrated after a long day, all I have to do is settle in with the kids and some great Color Wonder colouring stuff… and then.. voila. RELAXED.

We also love to have quiet time around this house once in a while, especially when I am cooking dinner or trying to get some work done. My daughter being 5, means I want to ensure that during quiet time, she can be being quiet without being suspiciously quiet. You know what I mean. You know exactly what I mean. In Color Wonder I trust. I can set my kids up with some Color Wonder and not worry that they have tried to Picasso the back of my brand new couch, or the dog… or themselves. 


We really enjoy all the different Crayola Color Wonder products, we have the light up stamper and my daughter was totally in love with it from the start. The paper, the markers, the activity and colouring books are all so much fun! 

What is Crayola Color Wonder?

Color Wonder is a unique patented mess-free colouring system that makes it easy for parents to encourage colouring and painting without worrying about the mess. The magically mess-free Color Wonder inks and paints only work on Color Wonder paper – they won’t colour on skin, walls, furniture or clothes!

Crayola Color Wonder is designed for Children ages 3 to 5 and is a fabulous mess-free solution for Parents. Color Wonder provides your Children with a great way to be creative! 

If you are looking to provide your Children with hours of mess-free and fun entertainment, look no further than the Crayola Color Wonder line of products. 

Now YOU can Win Crayola Color Wonder

Giveaway is open to Canada only (excl. Quebec) All entries will be verified. Giveaway runs from Oct 27th- Nov 10th at 11:59 EST. Prize Pack Includes:  Color Wonder Light Up Stamper, Color Wonder Frozen Glitter Paper & Markers Kit, Color Wonder Paw Patrol Paper & Markers Kit and the Color Wonder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Colouring Book. The prize pack is valued at $55. 


Disclosure: Ninjamommers recieved some of these products in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are of her own and not influenced in any way.

51 thoughts on “Crayola Mess Free Colouring- Fall in Love with Color Wonder #Giveaway”

  1. michelle tremblett

    I absolutely love that it is mess free! My kids have always used these products and it is great letting them have fun and be creative without worrying about a big mess afterwards. great product!

  2. I like that color wonder products are mess free! I take color wonder products when travelling with my kids and they keep occupied and happy!

  3. We love crayola products, I haven’t tried this new mess free products but with a 3 year old always making Messes this would be so helpful

  4. we got the finger paint for Crayola wonders last xmas for our song, we love how he doesn’t get dirty! he would love to try the stamps

  5. We are a huge fan of crayola products, have not tried this one out yet but would love the chance to! I really like that they are mess free!

  6. Luzviminda Gunter-Smith

    I love Crayola products and always creating activities with the kids, have not tried this mess one so I would like to try this for sure

  7. I love these markers – worry free – I don’t have to worry about the kids drawing on stuff or leaving them laying around causing the colour to leak on my furniture etc.

  8. I absolutely love the fact that it is mess free! I seriously do not do a lot of art projects with my daughter because she is autistic and tends to throw the paint all over or put it in her mouth and it just becomes a HUGE mess. But this would be mess free! so great

  9. I love that their is no mess.. My daughter got into markers when she was younger and colored her legs, arms, and face with them

  10. I actually have never seen these before, but i love that there is no mess and I would love these for my niece she loves drawing and painting

  11. I so need to get some of these for my grandkids as the youngest ones have only recently coloured all over the sofa!

  12. These were the best for a wedding we went to because we didn’t have to worry about our kids getting marker on their pretty dresses!

  13. i love that it is mess free, ive had tons of scribbles on my walls and with this great product i can say my walls are safe πŸ™‚

  14. I love that I don’t have to supervise my daughter while she is playing with Crayola Color Wonder. I don’t have to worry about her marking up the couch or painting the floor, as the colours only work on the special paper.

  15. What I love most is that my toddler can colour and I don’t have to worry about her ruining her clothes, the furniture, the floor, table tops etc. We always bring these when we travel – they are perfect for traveling. Last spring break we drove from Vancouver, BC to California and they were perfect in the car – she could colour and I didn’t have to worry about her clothes, hands, car seat etc getting coloured. After our hotel stays on the road, we spent 2 weeks in a rented house with my parents and I was so relieved not to have to worry about her wrecking any of the surfaces there – it was a beautifully furnished home and I would not have let her colour anywhere but the glass kitchen table without the Color Wonders! And then on the flight home (my parents drove the car home, we flew), it was nice to not have colours all over the table tray which is what usually happens with regular crayons and felt pens (which are actually fine to wash off, but it’s nice not to have that extra work at the end of the flight!). I would love to win this set for her – we just booked a similar trip for this coming March and I would love to surprise with this set for the trip!!

  16. I love that color wonder products don’t leave a huge mess like other products. When my boyfriends’ kids come to visit, it is much easier for cleanup πŸ™‚

  17. I love the creativity it gives kids with the reassurance to parents that my couch will stay a couch and I wont find tiny hand prints down my hall.

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