Come Together with The Beat Bugs and Win 3 Months of @Netflix_CA #BeatBugs #StreamTeam #Giveaway

My family loves music. Loves music. In fact, most days you can find us turning our usual every day chores into playful and hilarious songs. Songs like: “I like dishes, when they’re clean, make your bed, no I am not mean… ” That right there is gold bro. GOLD. That’s why I make the big bucks… or probably why I haven’t been offered a record deal yet.. you take your pick on that one. 

The Beat Bugs on Netflix

Anywhoo… let’s get back to the point shall we? The point being, we love music. LOVE. So when we saw the new series titled Beat Bugs on Netflix Canada we bugged out… Yes I said it… at the chance to watch it and share some awesome musical time together. How exciting!? Right!? 

Beat Bugs Netflix

Beat Bugs is a brand new Netflix original series inspired by the timeless music of the Beatles. Including 5 adorable bug like characters!

With the new Netflix original series Beat Bugs, inspired by the music of The Beatles, your next family sing-along can include classics such as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds or Blackbird! Thanks to five charming and energetic bug-like creatures (Jay, Kumi, Crick, Buzz and Walter), families have the opportunity to come together over kid-friendly storylines and the best darn music ever made – re-recorded by today’s top artists, including P!nk, Sia and Eddie Vedder.

My family has really enjoyed spending some time together and watching the Beat Bugs. Who doesn’t love to just burst out in song? I know we always do so this show is PERFECT! 

Enter to Win 

Now you can enter to win a 3 month subscription to Netflix! Open to residents of Canada (excl. Quebec). All entries will be verified. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond.



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  1. We have never had Netflix, we are thinking about getting it this fall.Have read about all sorts of great show on it!

  2. My children and husband are the main watchers. I enjoy watching with the children – I find Barbie to be so silly.

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