Mom Stress Test- Are you a Stressed Mother?

Mom Stress

Mom stress got you down? If you are a stressed out Mom then it may help you to calm when you realize you are not alone. Most moms say that motherhood is incredibly stressful while nearly 96% of those moms state they don’t think their own Mom was this stressed when raising them. Perception is…

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How to Plan an Awesome Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

kids birthday party on a budget

Every parent wants to throw that memorable birthday party for their kids, we get it! We also get that sometimes money is tight. No matter how tempted you may be to go into financial debt to throw that unforgettable birthday party, stop. Just stop! Your kids will only remember the stress that you had after…

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Teen Years- Listen More and Talk Less

Teen Years

For centuries teen years have been one of the most challenging years for all parents in the universe. It’s that ripe old age where the little child you once knew turns into a completely different person. The arguments start and eye rolling commences. “Whatever” being the only word they seem to know. Teen years quite…

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Cure Summer Boredom with These Easy Ideas for Your Kids

The first week of summer break arrives and it’s complete, utter joy! You missed the kids and they missed you, school is out and a strict routine flies away with it. That first week is a blissful time full of laughter, entertainment and kids being happy. Then you enter into the second week of summer…

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How to Help Your Shy Child Out in Life in a Positive Way

Shy Child

The first step to helping your shy child is to understand that shyness is a personality trait not a disability or a fault. Each of us are born as individual human beings, with different traits and characteristics that make us who we are. Being shy is a common occurrence for children and is something they…

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How to Setup a Successful Summer Break Routine for Kids

Summer break

Do you have a summer break routine? Summer break is all too often meant with groans and whines from parents all over the world. Summer break means those kids need entertainment more often than required during school season. It’s a tedious job making that transition from having your daytime hours free to incorporate kids into…

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How to Find Joy in Motherhood

There are many circumstances that mothers find themselves in that can really take a toll on finding the joy in motherhood. Between juggling work, household demands and those little children who love to test your daily limits it can be extremely difficult to sit down at the end of the day and smile about the…

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Why Are So Many Kids Diagnosed With ADHD


There are so many kids in this world being diagnosed with ADHD. It seems that even your average high energy boy is called ADHD immediately upon arriving at age 2. With pediatricians so ready to toss a script to any parent who is confused about this time of high energy in the developmental stage of…

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Why Your Toddler Bites and How To Stop it

toddler bites

Ok. So your toddler bites. Biting is unacceptable. All adults know this fact. What is it about toddler’s that makes them bite parents or other people? While this behavior is completely unacceptable there is probably at least one parent out of every four that have had the “My toddler bites” stage occur. It’s actually quite…

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Common Communication Mistakes Parents Make with Teens

Communication Mistakes with Teens

There are plenty of common communication mistakes parents make. One of the biggest reasons teens shutdown when it comes to communicating with their parents is because they are fearful that the parent may freak out if they are not in agreement with whatever the teen has to say. This result of fear, stems from having…

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