Back to School with Crayola Giveaway- Tips, Tricks and Printables

I don’t know about you, but this family is heading back to school with Crayola.

Back to School with Crayola

There isn’t much time left for Back to School preparation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad (or good news depending on who you are) but the summer, is coming to an end rather soon. Don’t kill the messenger here, I am just stating the obvious. 

Getting ready for Back to School can be rather rushed and a touch chaotic. Not only do you need supplies to send them off to school with, but you also need things around the house for those projects they bring home. 

Ensuring that you are as well prepared for Back to School as you can be, is super important. 

Tips & Tricks

Attitude is a large part of getting kids excited about going back to school. Children look forward to seeing their friends from school and getting back into a regular “school routine.” Here are a few tips to help get your kids back in the habit:

• Practice getting up early about a week before school starts.

• Create excitement around organizing your kids’ homework area and purchasing new school supplies. Making back to-school preparations special will help them transition from the carefree summer days.

• Talk to your kids about what they can expect during a typical school day. Sure it is exciting to go back to school the first day or two. But kids should also be prepared for the reality of waking up early, rushed mornings, the discipline of sitting at desks, and being responsible for getting work done.

• Prepare a list of favourite breakfast foods that are quick and easy to fix in the morning.

• Talk to your child about what kinds of healthy foods they can pick out during lunchtime and how to spend their lunch money wisely.

• Select and lay out clothes the night before school starts.

• Establish an afternoon schedule that includes snack, homework, and personal time that kids can spend in their favourite ways.

Printable Back to School Checklists

These printable back to school checklists can help to ensure you are organized and ready for your back to school adventures. Download them and print them from the crayola website. 

Back to School Checklist for Grades 1-3 

Back to School Checklist for Grades 4-8

Why We Love Crayola

Crayola sent us box that contained some pretty cool stuff. Markers, Pencil Crayons, Construction Paper, Glue.. You name it. My kids jumped for joy when we opened it. They were super excited to use all that stuff as we LOVE arts and crafts. 

Back to School with Crayola

I put a bunch of it away in their pencil cases for back to school. Some of the stuff I hid in the cabinet for me.. (Like the sparkly and metallic markers, I didn’t want to share them.. shh don’t tell.) 

Not only did the kids LOVE every single item (aside from the hidden ones of course, which I have used since and LOVE) but they have been using them every single day since to create wonderful works of art for their family and friends. They rave about the scents from the scented markers, they brag about how bold and bright the colours are and fawn over all the awesome stuff they have to create art. 

Back to School

Back to School With Crayola Giveaway Time! 

Enter to win a Crayola Prize Pack Valued at $50! The Prize Pack contains: 24 ct crayons, 24 mini twistables fun effect, Ultra-Clean Broad Line Markers, 10 ct Tropical, Power Lines Scented Markers, Ultra-Clean Stamper Markers, Coloured Pencils, 24 ct, 24 Washable Watercolour Paints, Glue Sticks, Blunt Tip Metal Scissors, Construction Paper Pad, 120 ct and 5 assorted Paint Brushes! Good Luck! Giveaway is Open to CANADA ONLY Excl. Quebec. 

*Disclosure: Ninjamommers recieved these products in order to facilitate this post, all opinions are of our own and not influenced in any way.

73 thoughts on “Back to School with Crayola Giveaway- Tips, Tricks and Printables”

  1. My favourite Crayola product is their thin tipped markers. I just bought a package of 50 so that I could do some adult coloring – so relaxing! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I have always liked the pencil crayons from Crayola. I think it reminds me of when I went to school and the excitement of that new pack of crayons. I loved to colour and by the end of the year my pencil crayons were so small I could hardly hold them.

  3. huge fan of the washable markers and also the classic pencil crayons ..crayola is a trusted brand i turn to always

  4. I love their washable markers and pencil crayons. I’ve yet to come across better quality pencil crayons then Crayola. Most others I’ve purchased are broken inside the pencil itself or break off every time they are sharpened.

  5. In this house we are huge on painting.. finger painting, making stamps out of every day house-ware items.. so the paint is our ultimate favorite item! I’ve tried other brands but Crayola’s paint is bright and easy to wash out of clothes/skin!

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