A Penny For My Thoughts- Rounded Down

Ok so the penny is gone in Canada now, I guess everybody will add their own two cents on this… oh wait, no they won’t. That will be rounded down to NO cents now… so what? The saying is “Everybody has their own no cents? I am confused.

I am not sure what to make of this, I can’t even work for pennies anymore because they don’t even exist. Perhaps I can start working for nickles… but that just doesn’t sound right! Ok… peanuts it is I guess…. Weird.

And what about “a penny saved is a penny earned?” Not anymore in Canada it isn’t, unless you exchange 5 of them for a shiny nickel.

The saying: “a Penny For Your Thoughts..” Yep, Now that one penny we have been offered for our thoughts is being rounded down… to nothing…. There goes THAT.

The saying ” See a penny pick it up…. yadda yadda” That has now been changed to “See a penny, leave it there…etc.”

So many changes are being made.

I guess it makes cents… pardon me, I meant sense. Heh Heh. I have always complained about the amount if pennies I have weighing down my purse, because I just don’t use them… ever.

I guess I could go on all night spouting little sayings and joking around about the Penny being gone, but in reality. I don’t think I will miss it all that much, at least my purse will weigh less, My Dresser won’t be riddled with them, and it will no longer be assumed that as I blogger; I work for them…. It’s a good day!


7 thoughts on “A Penny For My Thoughts- Rounded Down”

  1. Life without pennies. Seems… wrong.

    I’m still a little sad that we can’t get anything for a penny anymore. Penny candies were great.

    And just think- nothing can ever cost ANY price that ends with .99 in Canada anymore. No more $4.99. Nope. It’s $4.95 or $5.00. No in between.

    And what will we do with all our pennies? Is there a home for abandoned pennies somewhere?

    Poor sad pennies.

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