45 Family Friendly Dinner Recipes for Busy Parents

As a parent you may find it hard to find Family friendly Dinner Recipes. In fact, it can be difficult to decide what you are going to eat each night for dinner. The “What’s for Dinner” debate can be enough to send you into a tizzy! Dinner can start becoming boring and mundane, especially if you stick to a few certain recipes that you know your family loves to ensure that everyone eats. If you feel you are in a meal rut, then you won’t feel the desire to cook! It’s a vicious cycle.

Family Friendly Dinner Recipes


Looking for dinner recipes can also seem futile. Sorting through a million different sites when all you want is a page that has all the Family friendly dinner recipes in one place.

It’s clear you need a change in your dinner routine. Cook something new, and fresh that your family will love. Your stomach and your family will thank you. 

If you have a hard time planning meals, I have organized a list of 45 delicious Family friendly dinner recipes that you can browse through and select from. They are all delicious and every single one has been family tested and approved. What’s better than that? A list of 45 great recipes right at your finger tips. This list includes everything from comfort foods to convenience foods. Soups, Salads, meats and even vegan recipes too! Slow cooker to stove top! So, click on through and visit each one! I want to take the time to personally thank the amazing bloggers that contributed to this list of fantastic dinner recipes. Make sure you Pin them for future cooking endeavors! (Images were used with consent)

If you want to bring the joy back to your dinner table, try some of these amazing Family friendly dinner recipes!

45 Family Friendly Dinner Recipes  

Do you have any Go to Family Friendly Dinner Recipes?

33 thoughts on “45 Family Friendly Dinner Recipes for Busy Parents”

  1. What an awesome collection of recipes! This will come in so handy on those days when I’m stumped on ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am single and cook for myself which means I rarely cook anything different! Spaghetti with some kind of sauce is usually what I end up making when I have no idea what I want. The Garlic, Lemon Pasta with Roasted Shrimp- Frugal Mom Eh has my total attention!

  3. I think I will try the Oven Baked BBQ chicken tomorrow night. Sounds delicious. So many other great ones that look like recipes my family will enjoy. Thanks!

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